Difference Between Wall Hugger And Regular Recliner

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You’ve chosen to purchase a reclining chair after all! You’re ready to kick back and relax with reclining luxury at your fingertips.

Recliner chairs are available in various forms, sizes, and designs, each with a unique set of features. Choosing a chair that meets your requirements and tastes is more complicated than expected.

For example, you may have to choose between a regular chair and a wall-hugger recliner. What is the difference between a wall-mounted recliner and a normal one? Clients often seek guidance on which model is better for them after grasping the fundamental distinctions.

Wall Hugger vs. Regular Recliner Comparison

All of your inquiries concerning the similarities and differences between Wall Hugger Vs. Regular Recliner debate would be answered here. There are various features and functionalities available, and this article will help you narrow your search.

Wall Hugger vs. Regular Recliner

Even though both can be reclined, a normal recliner and a wall recliner are not the same things. However, a few crucial characteristics set these two types of chairs apart from one another.

The key difference between Wall Hugger and a Normal Recliner

A wall recliner, also known as a wall-hugger or wall away recliner, is a reclining chair that can recline with a drastically reduced amount of clearance from the wall. Other names for this recliner chair are wall-hugger and wall-away recliner. To be more exact, a wall recliner can be reclined to a zero-gravity position while requiring just 4 to 5 inches of space between it and the wall.

The armrests of a chair designed according to a standard pattern are connected to each side of the chair’s center and can be pulled in to flush the sides of the chair. Both the headrest and the footrest should be at least five inches away from the wall or any other piece of furniture nearby while the chair is in its most reclined position.

Detailed Comparison of Differences between Wall Hugger and Normal Recliner

In this section, we will be looking at some of the main features that set these two categories apart. Starting with the first one:

Recliner Frame Kinds

The sorts of frames that are available for wall hugger recliners and normal recliners could also cause them to vary from one another. The answer to this question ultimately lies with the store or the manufacturer. The capability of normal and wall reclining is most often seen in chair frames; however, each feature may also be supplied in a loveseat or couch.

The ability to rock back and forth is often provided in recliner chairs rather than in standard recliners. Many standard normally come with two normal recliners joined by a center console, forming a loveseat with two seats that may rock in opposite directions independently. On the other hand, the ability to recline against a wall is a feature found in various loveseats and couch frames.

Recliner Base

Aside from how they operate and appear, the bases of the recliners are also different. Normal recliners often have two wooden legs protruding from the chair’s base.

While a wall-away recliner looks to have no legs, it is a recliner. As a result, when the recliner is moved to the front of the frame to recline, the metal frame is seen poking out from behind the chair. Normal recliners and wall recliners have a lot in common, but the height of the base would be the same for both.

The Space You Need for Them

A normal recliner and a wall recliner take up different amounts of room in your house, which is an essential consideration. Recliners come in many shapes and sizes, but regular recliners take up more floor space than wall recliners.

It takes roughly 8 inches of room to get a normal recliner into a completely reclined posture, whereas wall loungers need only 4 to 5 inches.

Recliner Functionality

Additionally, a wall recliner can recline within inches of a wall, but a regular recliner may rock back and forth.

A wall recliner does not bounce or move while it is upright. Every chair, in return, performs a distinct function, and it may cater to a distinct audience.

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Wall Hugger Vs. Normal Recliner – Which is Best for You?

A normal recliner or wall recliner depends on your particular taste in furniture.

Our experts recommend a wall recliner for a customer with limited room. A wall recliner takes up just 4 to 5 inches of floor space, making it ideal for a den, a compact living room, or a bedroom with limited space. On the other hand, wall recliners are great for those who live in or design small flats or condominiums.

According to our experts, wall recliners are a superior choice for geriatric clientele, rather than normal recliners. The wall recliner is stable enough for moving into or out of the chair with its upright posture.

According to our specialists, a normal chair is an excellent choice for nursing moms, mothers with young children, and insomniacs. Insomniacs who use a normal chair to fall asleep may benefit from the calming motion. A reclining chair is also a great place for moms to relax while nursing their babies or cuddling their small children.

RecPro Charles Wall Recliner – Best Wall Hugger Recliner

RecPro Charles Wall Recliner

RecPro is a respectable brand in the market that makes excellent quality wall huggers for customers like you. Offering a comfortable experience for your arms and back, this 30″ recliner is crafted from the finest materials.

Why Choose RecPro Charles Wall Recliner?

There is an all-metal frame within the chair that’s highly durable, and it can handle tons of weight. Soft and durable RecPro Cloth is used for the outside. Inside and out, you’ve got a chair that will last you for years of explorations and experiences. For the Zero Wall Hugger to completely recline, it just requires a 3″ clearance from the peak of the headrest to the walls.

Key features of RecPro Charles Wall Recliner

  • The 30-degree recliner enables you to add an excellent piece of furniture to your living room.
  • There is an all-metal frame within the chair that’s highly durable, and it can handle tons of weight.
  • It only requires three since it is a Zero Wall Hugger “of space between the top of the chair’s headrest, and the wall is required to recline the chair completely.
  • Soft and durable RecPro Cloth is used for the outside.

Homall Recliner Chair – Best Standard Recliner

Homall Recliner Chair

As a result of its close ties with manufacturers, Homall Direct can provide the highest quality items at the lowest costs. Whether you’re decorating your lounge room, study, or leisure space, this chair is for you!

Why Choose Homal Recliner Chair?

Retractable footrests make it simple to customize the settings on the Homal Recliner to your preferences. The bottom of the chair is supported by a Prop that separates it from the floor. It has a great dual stitching pattern, making it stylish and comfortable.

Key features of Homal Recliner Chair

  • In addition to being comfy and skin-friendly, PU leather can also be readily cleaned.
  • A sturdy steel frame and thicker foam cushioning make this chair ideal for watching your favorite programs or taking a nap.
  • Spanning 90 to 180 degrees, this chair may be utilized in three different configurations.
  • Non-marking pads are attached to the four robust feet of this single recliner.

RecPro Wall Hugger vs. Homal Recliner Chair

To dig deep, we have compiled a comparison chart to give you a better idea of the two differences. Following the table, we will review some of the basic recliner features and see how both of these fare against them.

Comparison Chart

SpecificationsRecPro Wall HuggerHomall Recliner
Weight88 Pounds79.2 Pounds
Dimensions30.25 x 30 x 38 inches29.5 x 25 x 29.5 inches
StyleWall HuggerClassic
MaterialLinenMemory Foam
Tilt AbilityModerate TiltModerate Tilt

Reclining Modes

The RecPro Charles Collection comes with a 30-degree reclining functionality with only one reclining mode that allows it to stand against the wall and makes it perfect for your room and hallway. You can choose the furniture that complements this recliner color and place it with this one.

For Homall Recliner, since is a regular recliner, it tilts up to a 180-degree angle and has three reclining modes so that any user can lay comfortably and rest for a while. You can place this one anywhere in your room and experience the “massage” effect.

We recommend going for the RecPro Charles Collection if you’re looking for one to complement your ‘matching furniture’ needs. However, look for the Homall Recliner if you want a simple yet valuable asset for your room.


The synthetic leather on this wall hugger is incredibly smooth to the feel, very resilient, and very simple to clean.

On the contrary, the Homall Recliner has premium leather material and soft memory foam inside to make you feel comfortable while you sit on this one.

Go for the premium leather one, and keep it nice and tidy for it to last longer!

Design and Functionality

For the Zero Wall Hugger to completely recline, it just requires a 3″ clearance from the peak of the headrest to the wall. It’s not a lot of room for furniture in general.

This wall hugger recliner for compact areas has appealing and ergonomically designed. It has a linen-touch fabric covering that is soft and absorbent, making it ideal for lounging in the sun.

Again, the choice is yours. If you’re looking for one that suits your RV furnishings, choose the RecPro. Otherwise, go for the Homall Recliner.

Which is Best: Wall Hugger vs. Normal Recliner?

The clearance requirement for the RecPro Charles is absurdly low. You don’t have to worry about finding a match for your apartment’s decor. You can even use it as an additional sleeping place when you take it outside since it’s so cozy while you’re sitting down.

Because of this, the Homall Single Recliner Chair may not be ideal for those who suffer from lower-back discomfort or who have been injured in a car accident. Massage, heat, or even a simple power recline would have made a difference. This recliner, as it exists, provides a great seated sensation at a very low price.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

Here, we will discuss three main things you need to consider before investing your money in a recliner.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner


When selecting the correct reclining chair size, your living area is an important consideration. Before you walk down to your local furniture outlet, take the time to evaluate the size and the characteristics of the space where your new recliner is to be put.


If you’re looking to get a sense of your post-purchase protection, you’ll want to look at the warranty and protection plan material provided by your potential furniture business.

Recliner Fabric/Material

Fabrics and colors are available in a variety of recliners. On the other hand, Leather recliners are by far the most popular. Choose a chair in an attractive color and a fabric that you will be able to relax in for long periods. Consider using a microfiber fabric for your reclining chair’s upholstery since it is more breathable.

Conclusion of Wall Hugger Vs. Normal Recliner Comparison

You now know the answer to the Wall Hugger Vs. Normal Recliner debate now!! Because you are now familiar with the primary distinctions between normal recliners and wall recliners, you should have a better sense of which kind of recliner would be most suitable for your needs. Let us know your choice in the comments below!

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