Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner? – Unveiling the Inner Workings

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Recliners are considered the pinnacle of leisure. They are not only very soft, but they also allow you to remain in a comfortable posture. They are also excellent for your back when used together since they assist in maintaining your spine straight at the proper angle. All of this happiness, though, comes at a cost.

Regarding recliners, the expense of your comfort is generally the lifetime of the tension spring. Due to overuse, a recliner’s spring might become useless. If your recliner spring is broken, you must have to replace it. However, if you don’t know Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner, you’ll find it out in this article. Let’s get started!

Where Does The Spring Go On A Recliner?

Where Does The Spring Go On A Recliner

Locate Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner

Let’s start with the fundamentals. The spring is really what makes your chair a recliner! Without it, you’re merely sitting in a chair that can’t be adjusted to different positions. The more springs on the inside of your chair, the simpler it will be to get comfortable or readjust over the day. Because the springs are the source of your chair’s comfort, they must be kept in good condition.

You should also check the location of the head spring, which may become loose and cause discomfort while lying for an extended amount of time. To tighten the springs, identify where they are joined to your recliner and spin them in the opposite direction, which requires tightening using a screwdriver or wrench. It can also happen if loose springs have caused damage, such as making it impossible to elevate the head.

Another alternative for loose springs is to replace them with new ones: this ensures that your recliner has a fresh, strong spring and that sitting on it causes less discomfort. Moreover, you may clean your chair in a variety of methods to protect the springs, including spot cleaning with water and detergent or dusting with a dry brush on rough surfaces, vacuuming if there is fur or other animal dander in the fabric, or using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

Check for filth and debris in the creases of your chair where dust might accumulate to prevent it from entering the springs.

Step-wise Guide to Find the Recliner Springs & Replace Easily

If you’ve found that your recliner spring is broken or you need to replace it. However, if you’re unaware of the method to replace the recliner spring, follow the steps below:

Find the Recliner Springs & Replace Easily

Step 1: Uncover the Chair

The first step in determining the issue’s source is to inspect your couch’s interior. It is accomplished by simply turning your chair around so the rear faces up. Detach the staples from the back of the furniture using a decent staple remover or a dependable screwdriver. Make sure you don’t handle the pieces too harshly since you’ll need them to cover the couch again after you’re through.

Step 2: Find out the Spring

The next step is to carefully move the fabric and cushioning of the couch out of your way. Following that, determining the precise location of the spring should be a piece of cake. Examine the rear of the chair’s backrest. You’ll see a huge coil right away, which is your spring.

Step 3: Pull Out the Spring

Pull the spring’s upper section. In most situations, this is also the broken location, and it will come free after a few attempts. However, use your hands for this since it may take some probing on your behalf to discover the top area of the spring at first look. After that, you may remove the bottom portion of the clamp that’s holding the spring.

Step 4: Get the New Spring

It’s time to get the new coil. Before you buy a new recliner spring, you should know what type of spring you need. There are two types:

  • Recoiling Spring: The recoiling spring is the first spring you’ll locate within your chair. This portion resembles spring and has two hooks on each vertical end. The spring’s metal is twisted in tightly closed rings with no gaps between them in the middle of its body. If you sit in your lazy-boy chair and feel like it’s reclining too much or that there isn’t enough resistance when the leg rest is moving outwards, your recoil spring is broken.
  • Zig-Zag/Sinuous Spring: The second kind is called a ‘zig-zag spring.’ This item has a jagged structure, much as its alternative name indicates, and seems to be the home of multiple tiny transverse wave-like projections. Determine if you feel the couch sinking too low as you recline on it to determine whether your zig-zag spring needs to be changed.

Make certain you purchased one that will properly support your recliners so that nothing goes wrong later. However, if you’re unsure where you may find a comparable product, try contacting the shop or your chair manufacturer.

Step 5: Place the New Spring

Once you have the new spring, it’s just a matter of reversing your previous actions. Fasten the upper portion of the new spring into the chair first. Once that is done, you may reattach the spring’s bottom section and clamp it. To finish, throw the blankets over your lazy-boy chair and staple them in place. To return the recliner to its original position, flip it over again.

Once you’re done with these steps, your recliner is good to go.

Final Thoughts

Spring is an important component of your comfortable furniture. It requires regular maintenance as well as prompt replacement when necessary. A recliner spring is constantly in the center-back position, supporting the whole recliner and its master. Moreover, we hope that you know Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner after reading this article.

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