Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

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People in their older age experience restrictions in their movements a lot. The constant joint pain or backache requires older people to live an assisted lifestyle. A power lift recliner is a great option if you experience hindrance in your movements or have older people living with you.

According to the CDC, 22.7% of adults in the United States have some kind of bone issue. If you are one of them, a power lift recliner chair will assist you with your movements. A power recliner chair is ideal for anybody recovering from surgery or chronic back pain. Typically, a recliner chair is much more comfortable than a normal chair.

A recliner chair provides assisted movements, whether you have to stand, sit back, or lie comfortably. There are quite a few easy-to-assemble recliner chairs available within the market that serve the purpose perfectly.

As per, over 24 million people in the United States have recliner chairs. You may not have back pain issues or hindrances in movement and still enjoy a recliner. Its ability to provide body support and comfort is unbeatable. A recliner chair is the most fitting, even if you are looking for a super comfortable living room seat.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Key Specifications of Product Overview

Brand  McomboSeat height  18.9 inches
Reclining angle140-degreeIdeal height  5.1-feet-5.9-feet
Seat width  18-22.4 inches Maximum length67.7 inches 
Voltage  110-120 voltsPackage quantity2
Seat depth  21.3 inches Required clearance15.7 inches 
Weight capacity320 poundsAssembly requiredYES 

Product Overview of Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

The Mcombo power-lift recliner is a faux leather and alloy steel recliner that works perfectly for tough use. It is a great chair for people dealing with stress in movement. You can use a chair with 140-degree reclination as it is perfect for lying down and sitting comfortably in a relaxing position. The Mcombo power-lift recliner chair has a longer life span as it is TUV certified. It has a USB port to charge your mobile or other electronic devices.

The Mcombo power-lift recliner also has an adjustable high-rise back. The recliner will be comfortable for you if you are tall or short. It does not require any tools to assemble, which is ideal for beginners with no technical knowledge. On the other hand, the recliner is effortless to clean with a lint-free cloth.

A couple of things matter when choosing the best Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair. Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

Why choose the Mcombo electric power-lift recliner?

The Mcombo company was established in 2011 as a brand to cater to customer comfort needs. It began as a brand providing durable furniture and pet supplies. However, the brand got real recognition for its electric power-lift chairs, famous for seamless comfort delivery.

The company has branches in Portland and Oregon with a separate distribution center. Mcombo has been successful in providing top-notch products and satisfying customers fully. Here are some features that make Mcombo power-lift chair top-of-the-line:

TUV Certified

The power-assisted Mcombo recliner is TUV-certified with counterbalance technology. Customers greatly favor their recliner chair due to its seamless assistance, which helps users stand up faster. It does not pressure the back, knees, or joints when standing or sitting. You can use two control buttons on the side of the remote to switch the chair position.

Easy to Put Together

The Mcombo recliner is one of the easiest chairs to put together. You don’t require any tools to assemble it or a professional’s assistance. It only takes 15 minutes to put the chair together. You also get a manual that guides customers completely about the setup process.


  • TUV certified actuator
  • USB charging port
  • Two cup holders
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • Two side buttons and a remote for operation
  • 140-degree reclination


  • Material rips when used roughly

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Features

Easy to maintain

One of the best parts about the Mcombo power-lift chair is its durable alloy steel construction and faux leather material. You can very easily clean the chair using oil and wax. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the chair and revive its shine. The Mcombo chair is a long-lasting one providing a beautiful luster to it.

Counterbalance Lift Mechanism

The Mcombo power-lift chair has a counterbalance lift mechanism that helps people stand without putting stress on their knees. You can stand without assistance and use 140-degree reclination to customize the position according to your liking.

Low noise

People love the power lift chairs’ low-noise mechanism, even during lifting. The chair barely makes any noise, and the two side buttons work seamlessly. It has a long service life span and requires little to no maintenance.

USB charging hub

You can use the chair to relax fully without moving from your spot. It has a USB charging port which you can use to charge your mobile or other digital devices. The two-cup holders on the side can easily hold drinks, and also you can use them to keep smaller items.

140-degree Reclination

The best part about the chair is the 140-degree reclination, as you can lean back and relax. Sitting straight, leaning back in a relaxing position, or standing up without putting pressure on the knees is best. You can use two push buttons to change positions.

Effortless to Clean

The chair is made of faux leather, which is very easy to clean. One of the best parts about the recliner is the two side holders where you can store small things or cups. You can use a small amount of oil or wax to clean the faux leather. Your chair will shine and look as good as new for a long time.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable power lift recliner chair, the Mcombo one is a great option. It is quite hassle-free to assemble and has a low-noise motor. It provides effective support for seamless movements and accommodates effortlessly in any corner. Get your great afternoon naps and have endless reading sessions in this recliner comfortably!

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