Can Sleeping In A Recliner Cause Blood Clots? Updated

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A recliner is a sofa turned into a comfortable sofa that is an automatic sleep destination, especially after long working hours. The enjoyment that we get from sleeping in a recliner can also come at a cost.

can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots Yes because the joints of the person sleeping in the recliner are confined and bent for a longer time. This in turn disrupts the blood motion and is known to cause blood clots as well as deep vein thrombosis.

Well, now that we have established that sleeping in recliners for long hours can cause blood clots. Let’s go through the disease of blood clots itself and what are the dangers it can cause.

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What Is Blood Clots And Deep Vein Thrombosis?

A blood clot is a gel-like substance that itself is not a bad thing as it happens naturally in the body as well in certain situations. However, the problem arises when these blood clots act as oxygen or blood supply blockers which ultimately is dangerous for the body.

Deep vein thrombosis is another condition in the leg in which there is pain and stiffness in the leg area. Sometimes, DVT also doesn’t show any signs or symptoms which is quite alarming.

Blood Clots Symptoms

It is often said that the earlier you are diagnosed with a  disease the more are your chances of a healthy recovery. So, it is advisable to not ignore your symptoms if you have developed some due to sleeping in a recliner.

Now, there are chances that the symptoms of blood clots/ DVT might not be shown as per studies. However, you should still have knowledge about the most common symptoms just in case these are developed.

As the blood clots typically target the leg area I am going to share the most common things to look out for especially concerning your legs. These symptoms are listed below so that you can note them down without any hassle.

  • Swelling of the leg
  • Reddish discoloration
  • Tenderness in calf muscles
  • Soreness and cramps
  • Warm sensation-like feelings in your legs

If you develop any such symptoms make sure to visit a doctor just in time so that you are treated accordingly.

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How To Sleep In A Recliner To Avoid Blood Clots And Other Health Problems

Now, that we have gone through the fact that sleeping in a recliner can cause blood clots. We will also look at the bright side and explore how you can sleep in a recliner without having any issues such as DVT and blood clots.

In this way, we can have a relaxing time lying down in the recliner without psychologically worrying about this blood clot stuff.

First things first, to gain the other benefits associated with sleeping in a recliner I am going to share with you next. You will have to make one golden rule every time you lie down on your recliner sofa.

The golden rule to sleeping comfortably in a recliner without worrying about any blood clots is to fully recline the sofa. This not only reduces the extra pressure developing in your legs and joints. Ultimately, you are also going to be much more chill and relaxed sleeping in this position.

Some Benefits Of Sleeping In A Recliner

There is always a bright side to the story! It is also the case when it comes to sleeping in a recliner as they are known to bring some health benefits as well.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the benefits of sleeping in a recliner.

Reduces the back pains:

can sleeping in a recliner cause blood clots

The most common problem that people face is the issue of back pain. It is a constant struggle, especially for middle-aged people.

A recliner is something in which you can invest and lower back pain issues by a mile. When you are reclining your body you are essentially taking pressure off from your spine and allowing your core muscles to have a rest.

So, for a comfortable and ache-free sleep in a recliner make sure to follow our section in which we discuss the best way of sleeping in a recliner to lower the risks of blood clots and whatnot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a reclining sofa good for your back?

Researchers conclude that sitting in a 135-degree position in a recliner can put the least stress on the spine and ultimately reduce the risk of back pain.

Is sleeping in a recliner helpful during pregnancy?

Sleeping in a recliner can be an alternative for pregnant women who find it difficult to sleep in their beds during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to sleep on your left side and make sure that the sofa is completely reclined.

What is the best way of sleeping in a recliner?

The best way to sleep in a recliner is to fully recline the reclining sofa so that excessive pressure is relieved from your legs. This reduces the risk of developing blood clots and DVT. It also helps in keeping your body comfortable.

What is the best reclining sofa to sleep on?

  1. Cambridge Telluride Leather Double Reclining Sofa.
  2. Juntoso Recliner Sofa.
  3. Betsy Furniture Reclining Sofa.

These are some top-notch reclining sofas that you can buy for your home.

Some Last Words!

Sleeping in a recliner is enjoyable and it also has some benefits. To get a good and comfortable sleep in a recliner it is advised to fully recline the sofa
In this way, you can minimize the risks of developing blood clots and DVT and at the same time have a relaxing time sleeping on the reclining sofa.
This is it from me today! See you around next time. Have a safe and sound sleep.

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