RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Review

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We all love our living spaces, but there is always a seat that we rarely use. We are so used to our comfy spots on the couch that we cannot sacrifice them. Changing the uncomfortable seats and replacing them with recliners is important to make your space comfortable. 

A single recliner seat is often not enough, especially when you live with your family. In such cases, double recliners come in handy to provide optimal comfort. Finding a recliner that provides supreme comfort and denser foam is super important. 

Recliners are the best whether you are working or need a space to lounge. The soft plush back with a great material covering it can be an ideal fit for your space. There are quite a few comfortable massage recliners in the market, providing a wonderful experience. Considering many people are searching for a good recliner, we decided to hunt some ourselves.  

RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Brand Overview

RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Review

RecPro is a brand that focuses on providing supreme comfort to users. Whether you are looking for a relaxing recliner or one that suits multiple purposes, RecPro has got you sorted. Their company is based in Bristol, the largest RV city. It has been more than 12 years since RecPro started; however, their business took off after 2017.

According to the CDC, 58.5 million people are dealing with arthritis. Hence, RecPro works to develop recliners that best suit everyone’s needs in terms of assisted movements and relaxation. The brand is limited to recliners, RV parts, flooring, etc. 

One of the best parts about RecPro furniture is that it produces luxury recreational furniture. The brand goes to extensive lengths to ensure the products perform well and the quality remains top-notch. People purchasing from the brand are always satisfied as each product is made with precision and attention to detail.

Whether you want a stylish furniture piece or a recliner providing seamless comfort, RecPro is an amazing choice. Each product is designed keeping convenience in mind fitting seamlessly into your daily lives. RecPro had humble beginnings, which resonates in their design and innovation in each product. 

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RecPro Charles Collection Recliner– With comfort at its best 

RecPro Charles Collection Recliner

Product Overview 

The RecPro recliners fit seamlessly in any space you wish to keep and pass easily through slim doorways. The double recliner design is ideal for a small family who likes to lunge around the living room.  

The recliner fits in smaller doorways as it is shipped in three pieces. You can also easily install the couch using the comprehensive manual. The 17-inches footrest is ideal for propping up your feet and lying down in a relaxing position. Armrests and backrests are fully padded with high-density foam providing the utmost comfort one is looking for. It has a weight capacity of 198 pounds, ideal for petite and heavier people. 

RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Key Specifications

Brand   RecPro shape Rectangular  
Color   mahogany Product dimension 37.5″D x 67″W x 38″H 
Room type Living room Type   Loveseat  
Upholstery fabric type Faux leather Special feature Recliner  

RecPro Charles Collection Double Recliner Features Detailed Review 

Long-lasting fabric

RecPro recliners are ideal for longer use as they are made with faux leather and polyurethane. The material is extremely soft against the skin and breathable, ideal for hot weather. On the other hand, it is quite easy to clean as it is dust-proof and water-resistant. 

Safe shipping 

One of the biggest concerns most people have with recliners is that they can easily damage during shipping. However, the best part about the RecPro recliner is its safe shipping policy. The recliner comes in three separate pieces with a manual. You can easily assemble the recliner using a manual, which is quite comprehensive. 

Fits easily through a doorway

You may have a spacious living room but narrow doorways. Fitting furniture through the doorway is challenging; hence, people must give up on their best furniture finds. The best parts about the RecPro double recliners are that they fit easily through narrow doorways and come in three pieces. 

Retractable footrest

The true comfort of a recliner comes from its retractable footrest. The RecPro recliner has a 17-inch footrest that helps you obtain a resting position and relax. You can get cozy and put your feet up to watch your favorite series all day or catch up on your book. 

Pull latch and padded arms

There is a pull latch on the side which you can use to recline the backrest according to the position you find most relaxing. On the other hand, the armrests are padded with high-density foam, allowing you to lean and still be comfortable. 

An All-in-One Choice

Whether you want to watch tv or have a relaxing evening lazing around, the RecPro recliner is perfect. The flip-up area on the side provides seamless storage, and two cup holders in the middle are great for keeping drinks or smaller items. The recliners are made with polyester material, perfect for maintaining without much effort. 

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  • 17-inch footrest 
  • Passes through narrow doorways. 
  • Cup and flip-up storage 
  • Safe shipping 
  • Modular structure 


  • Chunky design 

Frequently asked question 

Is it necessary to use seat belts with a RecPro Recliner? 

No, it is not necessary to use a seat belt with a RecPro recliner if you are an adult. However, if you have kids around the house, you can use it to be sure and safe.

Is there a retractable footrest in the RecPro recliner?

Yes, a 17-inches retractable footrest can be used if you want to lie comfortably. The retractable footrest is great for safe space and also alleviates comfort at the same time.


The RecPro double recliner is great for small families who love to lounge around. It fits right through your doorways without any hassle and is very easy to assemble. The high-density foam padding enhances comfort and relaxes you. The storage is the focal point as it gives your luxury modular feel.

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