Signature Design By Ashley Game Reclining Sofa Review

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A sofa should not only induce comfort but should hold the highest standards. The signature design by Ashely Game is known to have flexible power recliners with foot space as well as storage such as cup holders. 

Possessing an ordinary sofa will not give you the modern feel of your living room, nor will it provide you with the relaxation you are on a hunt for. Giving your home a comfortable feel is crucial, so you get the best feeling and a sense of calm when you come home. This can easily be fulfilled with the signature design by Ashley Game, and it sets itself apart from the rest giving the user’s neck, shoulder, and armrest its best module. Everyone is looking for an effective way to relax after surviving a hectic day. 

Comfort is going to be the start of the show. However, you also need to ensure a sleek and fresh approach to the outlook of your home, and having an aesthetic look will give you the benefit of the doubt. Hence, keep reading to find more surprising facts about the signature design by Ashely Game. 

Signature Design By Ashley Game Reclining Sofa Brand Overview

Signature Design By Ashley Game Will Leave You Wonderstruck

Signature Design by Ashely is here to promote the best living conditions. Being in the industry since 1970, it has turned from a family-owned business to a valuable team of more than 17,000 members. Considering home their topmost priority, they offer some of the most spectacular pieces that create romantic imaginations of a comfortable home into a reality. Offering an array of selections, you will be able to find everything from traditional to the latest set of furniture for your home. 

Signature Design by Ashley lays immense emphasis on giving customers a firm and comfortable design to have a soothing look and embrace the true meaning of home. Each product is distributed correctly regarding the quality and value consensuses. You will also be able to dig up unique items that you can find only at Signature Design by Ashley. Comprising all the modern touches, most pieces here will give you unique features that meet your expectations.

Coming from the best source of raw materials, you will surely settle down with the highest regard that Signature Design by Ashely presents to its customers. Hence, you can touch up more on the aspects of their sofa, which includes numerous elements best fit your liking. You can get to know more about them right here. 

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Exceptional Features of Signature Design by Ashley Game Reclining Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley Game

If you are looking for a comfortable living style with a mix of storage and modern features, then the Signature Design by Ashley Game is all you need to consider. This chair comes in with a magnificent setting which gives user comfort in all aspects. Not only does it come with room for your neck but legs too. The adjustable footrest is going to alternatively give you the best time while watching TV or having a power nap. 

A considerable workload will pay off when you use the flexible headrest on this sofa. You can quickly adapt to having something to drink by your side because of the cup storage space given. You will not need an electric chair when you abide by this sofa because it is much faster and more efficient in fulfilling its tasks. 

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 Signature Design by Ashley Game Reclining Sofa Product Details

Brand Signature Design by Ashley
Item size84.5 inches wide, 39.5 inches deep, 45 inches height
MaterialMetal, leather and polyester
Special featureAdjustable headrest and recliner

In-depth Review of Signature Design by Ashley Reclining Sofa Features

Power recliner 

The Signature Design by Ashley Game comes with a power recliner which ensures you are always comfortable. Each end of the sofa acts as a recliner, making it usable for numerous people at a time while including a touch power set up on the side of the sofas so that you can easily adjust it however you like. Hence, it serves double people at a time. 

Soft leather coating

To give it an overall finish, authentic brown leather is justifiable. Not only does it makes the whole sofa durable, but it makes it shiny and soft. Polyester polyurethane upholstery is added to the sofa to make it extra comfortable. 

Additional glamorous led lights 

To give it an extra charm, the sofa comes with built-in LED lighting and a flip-up design that adds to its overall look. Hence, it creates a luxury and aesthetic style in your living room without a hassle. 

Stress-free assembling 

The Signature Design by Ashley Game is easy to get together because it has been made to fit the desirability of customers. Hence, you can easily install an easy-off chair back with a screwdriver onto a wall and enjoy the rest of your time relaxing. 

Adapts to storage facilities

Everyone struggles when they have a cup of coffee with them or any other drink. However, with the Signature Design by Ashley Game, you will not have to worry because it comes with cup holders on each side. Hence, you can place your drink without worrying about it spilling on the sofa. 

Embedded side controls 

To adjust your leg rest and have complete control over other features of this sofa, you can easily use a remote control or the controls given on the sides. Hence, it makes things easier to reach, adaptable, and more functional. 


  • Authentic leather used 
  • Side controls for more functionality 
  • Storage spaces 
  • Quick to install 


  • Showcases a bulky look 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charging port added to the sofa?

The Signature Design by Ashley Game comes with a USB charging port to quickly charge your devices with no hassle. 

Does the sofa have wide padded armrests?

This sofa comes with flip-up padded armrests, including storage spaces to keep your cups while you enjoy your time. 

Is the headrest adjustable?

The Signature Design by Ashley Game allows flexibility in all aspects. Hence, the headrest is adjustable according to your preferences, as well as the leg rests. 


The Signature Design by Ashley Game is a brilliant source of comfort and relaxation after a tiring day outside. With the soft use of materials and padded armrests, you will find inner peace and relaxation. The flawless design also gives a sense of modernity and extravagance. 

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