Is a Recliner Bad For Sciatica?

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Did you know that sciatica is a very common condition among the 9-5 job doers? It is experienced by at least 40% of the population in the USA which is a huge number, to be honest. If you’re wondering how you can treat sciatica, then it all comes down to the basic cause of your condition. And in case you happen to be someone who uses a recliner a ‘lot then this article has all the information you’ve been looking for “Is a recliner bad for sciatica?”.

Most people have a misunderstanding that recliners are bad for sciatica which isn’t true. In fact, a recliner is a really good choice for people suffering from this condition since it can bring them added relief. Using a recliner to treat sciatica is an effective way to realign your spine and rehydrate your discs to improve your overall physical health.

In this article, we are going to talk about this condition in a lot more detail and tell you all the benefits that a recliner brings for people with sciatica.

What is sciatica?

is a recliner bad for sciatica

Most people mistake sciatica for lower back pain which is incorrect. Sciatica is a condition that occurs due to compression between your sciatic nerves. It is the thickest and the longest nerve in the human body which is made out of five nerve roots. Three of these roots originate from the scrum region of the spine while the other two come from the lumbar region of your spinal cord.

Those with sciatica may suffer from pain down below their lower back. The pain actually originates from the hip, through the buttocks to the lower back, and sometimes may even go to the thighs. Some people describe this pain as sharp jolts of pain while others experience a burning sensation in their lower back.

Usually, sciatic pain only affects one side of the human body but in case of chronic illness, the pain can worsen and affect the daily life of the person suffering from it.

What is the cause of sciatic pain?

Before we jump on to other things, one important factor to understand is what causes sciatic pain in the first place. Usually, anyone who has sciatica is also suffering from various other symptoms as well. One of the most common causes of sciatica is a slipped disc that ends up putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The intensity of this symptom varies from person to person. Some people can develop severe pain within a day or two while in others it takes time for the pain to ingrain. While there isn’t any research about whether it affects women more or the men. However, studies do show that most people develop this symptom after the age of 40.

Usually, people who have to sit in unnatural positions for a longer period of time end up developing this symptom. This is why we recommend using a recliner instead of a regular chair to make sure you can prevent sciatica from happening.

Is a recliner bad for sciatica?

Coming back to our original question, no, a recliner isn’t bad for someone with sciatica. Instead, there are various benefits of using recliners for people who suffer from lower back pain.

We are mentioning some of these benefits down below,

Reduces lower back pressure

The important measure that needs to be taken by someone with sciatica is to reduce pressure from the lower back which can be done by a recliner effectively.

A recliner allows you to put your feet on the footrest and lay back in a natural position in which your spine is aligned. Your body stays in a pressure-free curvature and you don’t feel any stress in your lower back muscles. This is why it’s recommended to sit and relax in a recliner at least once a day for a few minutes to relieve muscle tension.

Added features

We know that not all recliners come with added features but those that do offer some incredible benefits that you cannot get otherwise.

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With the evolution of technology, the latest editions you see in the recliner market feature back massagers, heat therapy, and whatnot. These features not only help you relieve muscle tension but also ensure you can get treated for any chronic muscle pain.

Most of the time, people don’t really go to masseuse because of time constraints and the fact that they will have to spend money. This is where a recliner comes as a savior. Now you will not have to step out and you can get a heat therapy or a massage right in the comfort of your home.

Better posture

A recliner allows you to sit in a natural position and not feel the unnecessary stress that is usually caused by sitting in regular chairs. You can keep it in your home or even your office for that matter.

Once you’re done working, you can simply lay back and relax for a minute or two before you start working again. Taking small breaks from work and walking around is usually hard for people who are tied to desks for 12 hours straight. So yeah, a recliner will come in handy and help you through the day.


So, this is everything we had to say about recliners being bad or not for sciatica. We hope that all your concerns have been taken care of in this article. If there is anything else you’d like to ask, feel free to leave us with your feedback in the comments section below.

Sciatica is a very painful symptom that more than 40% of our population has to tolerate. As you can see, with a little bit of attention, you can take care of yourself. It’s about time we start taking our health seriously and address these concerns as early as possible.

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