Manual Recliner vs Power Recliner [Choose as per Comfort]

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Are you tired of the boring sofa in your living room that does nothing for your aching back? Comfortable seating should always be your utmost priority over luxurious sofas that you can barely use. You need something to sprawl upon and watch your favorite series all day. We know what comes to mind when you think of comfortable seating: a recliner!

Recliners have been a hot-selling item in the market as they provide comfort like no other. With evolution, there have been many recliner models surfacing to choose from. The Manual Recliner vs. Power Recliner debate has been steaming recently.

Manual Recliner vs Power Recliner – Detailed Comparison

Manual Recliner vs. Power Recliner

Hence, we decided to give our two cents on this matter. This article is all about manual and power recliners, discussing factors that set them apart. Hop on with us to know which type will work best in your interest!

What is the difference between a Manual Recliner and a Power Recliner?

We want to start the article by discussing the key differences between manual and power recliners. Here are some basic differences:

What is the Difference Between a Manual Recliner and a Power Recliner

Key Differences Between Manual and a Power Recliner

The key difference between a manual and a power recliner is motorized manipulations. A manual recliner is less bulky and requires a human effort to recline the back. It may look similar to a power recliner, but it does not have a one-button function that helps push back the recliner. Manual recliners are also versatile pieces of furniture because you can also use them as regular seating.

On the other hand, a power recliner is much more efficient and has multiple motorized features. They are bulkier than manual recliners, but they work efficiently for older adults and adults. You can use one button to recline the back and control the motion. Power recliners are not easy to move as they have a higher weight. If you have any physical limitations or knee problems, it will come in handy.

Detailed Differences Power Recliner and a Manual Recliner

This section is all about manual and power recliner differences to better understand which one works best for you. Here are some basic differences:

The Mechanism

If you are thinking of purchasing a manual recliner, you should be ready to use your physical strength. It would be best to lean back on the recliner with force to push it back. It is a wonderful piece of furniture if you are looking for comfortable seating.

On the other hand, a power recliner has a few motorized manipulations; hence, it is easier to achieve an optimal posture. You can click one button or a remote to achieve a precise position that gives you the most comfort. They also tend to last longer and provide more comfort than any other seating options available.


A manual recliner would cost you way less than a power recliner. A manual recliner is very easy to maintain and lower cost as it lacks motorized parts. They are also less bulky; hence, they seamlessly fit your living space without overcrowding.

A power recliner works best if you have more space and budget. They have motorized options and automatic reclination; hence, they cost you more. A power recliner also has great longevity and seamless functionality costing you more.

Item Weight

A manual recliner is much more lightweight and easier to move around. It has a slimmer design that can fit into narrow spaces. It does not have any motorized parts; hence, it is lightweight and easier to move without assistance.

A power recliner is much heavier and not very easy to move around. It is loaded with motorized parts that make it quite heavy. You cannot easily move a power recliner without assistance. On the other hand, you have to place the recliner beside a power switch. If you have power issues in the house, the recliner will not work.

Reclination Speed

The reclination speed of a manual recliner is as fast as you can apply the pressure or sit up. As soon as you put force on the backrest, the chair will start to recline. You don’t have to wait for the chair to do its thing. The chair reclines back into its position faster if you have to answer the door.

On the other hand, a power recliner takes time to recline back and back up. However, it is the perfect choice for people who have joint pain or knee injury. You can use one button and remote to be in a standing position.

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Manual Recliner vs. Power Recliner: Which is the Best for You?

You must be wondering which one of the recliners is best for you. The ultimate choice is on you and what you prefer in your house.

We suggest going for a manual recliner if you have limited space and you want a slimmer chair that is also comfortable. The manual chair requires a little effort, but it gives you the same comfort as a power recliner. Also, a manual recliner is quite budget-friendly and lasts longer than most power recliners.

A power recliner works wonderfully if you have a knee issue as it repositions itself without much effort. It is the best choice if you have a budget to spare and want to own a comfier seating space than most. The design may be bulky, but it fits in the aesthetics of most spaces.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your circumstances, budget, space, and preference. Both recliners are made to provide the utmost comfort and excellence. However, you must emphasize the material you choose as it can make or break a recliner.

BenchMaster swivel faux leather Recliner – Best Manual Recliner

BenchMaster swivel faux leather Recliner

The BenchMaster leather recliner is the perfect choice for people looking for a modern piece with a contemporary touch. The faux leather material works best to provide users with excellence and comfort. BenchMaster is a brand that believes in delivering high-quality pieces to a customer by using high-quality material that is made to last. It has a 360-swivel mechanism and spring lining for extra comfort.

Why Choose the BenchMaster Recliner?

The BenchMaster recliner would be a great choice as it is affordable. It is the perfect seating space for the living room and bedroom made with faux leather, which is extremely easy to clean. The material is fire retardant and has spring lining, making it extremely comfortable. It has a 360-degree swivel and a Dacron filling, making it extremely soft.

Key Features of BenchMaster Recliner

  • The faux leather material is extremely soft and easy to clean.
  • The chair comes with a matching ottoman on which you can prop your legs.
  • It has a wooden base with a 36-degree swivel, which helps rock back and forth.
  • The solid wooden base adds more stability to the recliner.

MCombo Fabric Power Recliner – Best Power Recliner

MCombo Fabric Power Recliner

MCombo is a brand that adds high-quality motorized manipulation in a recliner for smooth reclination. The recliner offers nine massage modes with different intensities to relax you completely. It has two cup holders on the armrest and side storage pockets. You don’t have to move anywhere to get or keep your stuff. The recliner is made with breathable textile fabric, which is stain-proof and easy to clean. It also comes with an extendable footrest where you prop up your feet.

Why Choose the MCombo Electric Recliner?

The MCombo electric recliner works best for people with knee injuries as you have to use one button for reclination. It takes only 15 minutes to set up the chair with an extendable footrest. It has a USB port, two cup holders, and storage sleeves on the side. Hence, you can be a couch potato and enjoy the soft foam lining. It offers one lumbar heating, five intensities, and nine vibration points for ultimate relaxation.

Key Features of MCombo Electric Recliner

  • The MCombo power recliner has nine vibration points, five intensities, and one lumbar heating point.
  • It takes only 15 minutes to set up the chair using a manual.
  • You can keep your cups in the holder and use a retractable footrest to put your legs up.
  • You can use the one remote button to recline the chair.

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MCombo Electric Recliner vs. BenchMaster Manual Recliner

We will dive into the details to differentiate between the BenchMaster manual recliner and the MCombo electric recliner. Here are some characteristics that make both recliners distinct from one another:

Comparison Chart

Specification  BenchMaster Manual ReclinerMCombo Power Recliner
Material  Faux leather Textile 
Item weight48.7 pounds 320 pounds
Weight limit300 pounds320 pounds 
Item dimension42 x 30 x 40 inches38 x 30 x 42 inches
Style  Modern Contemporary 

The Material

One thing that sets apart the BenchMaster and MCombo recliners is the material. The BenchMaster recliner is made with faux leather material, which gives it a classier and more modern look. The material is very easy to clean and fire retardant. A layer of springs is within the internal lining to make the recliner comfier.

On the other hand, the MCombo power recliner is bulkier as a thick fabric is used. The fabric is more breathable and works well to let the air pass. The power recliner has a fabric material, but it is easy to clean and stain-proof.

Motorized Manipulations

The BenchMaster manual recliner works well with body weight and puts maximum force on the backrest. You can recline it as fast as you put the body weight. On the other hand, it has a 360-degree swivel, providing a soothing rocking position. A footrest works perfectly fine to lift your feet and swivel.

On the other hand, the MCombo power recliner is a great one as it has motorized features for reclination and pushing forward to a standing position. You have to use a remote and click one button to get to the standing position. The automatic reclination may take a little bit more time.

The Style

One of the significant differences between the two is the style. The BenchMaster manual recliner has a classy style as a faux leather material is used to make it. It comes with a separate ottoman which gives it a modern look.

The MCombo power recliner is a thick fabric and has a bulky structure. It required more space to keep, and it fits the contemporary style much better. You can use the retractable footrest to prop up your feet and relax.

Which is Best: BenchMaster Manual Recliner or MCombo Power Recliner?

Both recliners are efficient and extremely comfortable; however, the choice depends on the user and their style.

You can always opt for the BenchMaster manual recliner if you don’t have much budget but are looking for a comfortable yet classy chair. It has a 360-degree swivel which is great for rocking back and forth.

If you have a larger budget, then the MCombo power recliner will be the best choice as it provides a relaxing experience. It screams luxury, and its massage features will come in handy after a long and tiring day.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Recliners

If you are out on a hunt for a recliner, you must pay attention to the following factors before making a purchase:

Things to Consider Before Buying Recliner


Recliners are not skinny or have a slim design; they are mostly bulky. Hence, you need to consider the floor space you have before purchasing. If you have less space, make sure you buy a recliner with a retractable footrest.


Most people may not pay attention to the material, but it is essential in the long run. A faux leather material or breathable fabric is something you should consider. Material that is breathable and easy to clean will be a lifesaver in the long run.

Reclination angle

You are buying a recliner to provide you utmost comfort and durability. Hence, considering the reclination options is super important. A recliner with 180-degree reclination is best for sleeping. Make sure to invest in a recliner that at least provides 90-165 degrees declination.

Concluding Manual Recliner vs. Power Recliner

Both manual and power recliners are the best when it comes to comfort. However, a power recliner may rip a hole in your pocket. If you are not facing any injury or medical condition, a manual recliner will work fine. However, a power recliner screams luxury and is worth spending money on for added comfort.

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