How Does a Power Recliner Work? Latest Guide

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A power recliner is synonymous with the word comfort in every possible sense. These are the new-generation recliners that are operated entirely by hand. This allows the users to sit back and close their eyes to have the wonderfully relaxing experience that they deserve after a long day at work.

Now, most modern recliners typically come with a battery power source that operates the electric motor inside them. In addition, these usually come with three separate buttons. The first button controls the footrest functions, while the second one controls the backrest and the third button handles the back.

Now, that we have gone through the basic operation of a power recliner. Let’s take matters further and discuss the functionality of a power recliner and how it is different from your average manual recliner.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

How Does A Power Recliner Work? Let’s Discuss Its Functionality Aspect

Below are some of the operations that you can perform on a power recliner that is as easy as one two three. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

Rising Function:

Rising while sitting is a function that is amazing for people who have limited motion or some sort of occasional discomfort while sitting. It is also useful for disabilities. All this function will do is raise the seat when you are sitting on it.

Sitting Function:

This function works by calculating size requirements that are specific to you. It has functionality similar to a memory seat.

Once you have set your seat depth, height, and width. The function will adjust the seat in such a way as to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation.

This feature is amazing if you want to just chill on your power recliner and watch some TV show in your spare time.

Reclining Feature:

As known by its name a power recliner is bought so that you can lie down and have a nap in the most comfortable position possible.

For this very reason, a recliner often comes with a built-in massage system that can take care of your back muscles, thigh, and leg muscles once you are lying down on the recliner.

This is the most useful feature of a power recline and most middle-aged people love it.

Feet Up Feature:

The feet-up feature is another amazing and effective feature that can take the pressure off your legs and you can lift your legs in a comfortable position as you are enjoying an evening snack.

All you have to do is press a single button and the chair will lift your feet in such a position that is not only luxurious, and relaxing but also extremely cozy.

This operation provides the right amount of support to your leg muscles so that you can do whatever you want without any discomfort in your legs.

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Some Other Aspects Of  A Power Recliner:

How Does a Power Recliner Work

Well, aside from operating functions a power recliner usually also has some other features such as storage pockets that can hold your comb, glasses, and remotes. In this way, you don’t have to get up from your power recliner to grab something. You can easily store it in the storage pocket.

In addition to this, some power recliners also come with a USB charging power that is quite convenient in case you want to charge your phone and the power socket is a little far. There are also built-in safety features in some power recliners.

Now, what you will get in your package depends on your budget. If you have an open budget, you can most probably get a lot more features in your power recliner.

Power Recliner Styles Which Offer Optimum Comfort

1. Wall Saver Recliners:

A wall-saver recliner is a perfect fit for a modern-day New York-themed flat which usually has all the aesthetics but very little space.

This wall-saver recliner positions itself in such a way that it can fit even in congested spaces and it supports the back muscles.

So, if you want to go with a power recliner which is unorthodox this is the option you should be investing in.

2. High Leg Reclines:

These are your traditional recliners that will fit easily into your living room or home. These are the recliners with tall wooden legs that provide comfort, and performance and can also fit in your living room perfectly.

How Is A Power Recliner Different From a Manual Recliner?


A power recliner has a built-in electric motor installed in it which is the primary reason for it being costly in comparison to a manual recliner.

On average a power recliner will be several hundred dollars costlier than a manual recliner.

Performance & Luxury:

When you are paying a premium by purchasing a power recliner that costs several hundred dollars more you have a lot of features that are not available in the traditional manual recliner.

It is especially beneficial for people who have occasional muscle pain and just want to lay down on the recliner and let it do the magic. All they must do is press a single button and boom! Their power recliner takes over and does almost everything for them.

The power recliner is also so quiet that you can barely hear a thing even in pin-drop silence. Therefore people prefer a power recliner over a manual one.

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If you want to just sit back and close your eyes to have all the possible fun and relaxation, then a power recliner is hands down the best option for you.

Its user-friendly and noiseless applications are the reason why it is high in demand as compared to a manual recliner.

Today, I have discussed with you how you can operate your power recliner and get all the answers to the basic question of how a power recliner works.

If you have any other queries regarding power recliners! Feel free to contact me.

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