Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair [Key Differences and Similarities]

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Work from home (WFH) has become widespread; people are looking to set up a cozy office space. Your high-power computer plays a pivotal role in making your WFH journey easier, but you can’t be productive without a comfortable chair. Not all chairs are made to support human bodies well; however, some popular choices include gaming chairs and recliner chairs.

The gaming chair vs. recliner chair discussion has been ongoing for a while. Gaming chairs have a slightly curved back to hold your spine straight and support an engaged posture. Working long hours to enhance productivity and provide better engagement is best.

However, nothing beats a recliner when it comes to comfort and molding against your spine. Recliners can be bulkier than a normal chair and sometimes more padded than usual. They are available in multiple designs, price ranges, sizes, etc. 

Building an office requires a comfortable chair, and beginners seem always confused about which type to buy. Your preference between a recliner and a gaming chair depends on your work type and how long you want to use it. However, this recliner vs. gaming chair discussion will help bring more clarity.

What is the Difference Between Gaming Chair and Recliner Chair?

Even though both chairs are extremely comfortable, sleek, and available in diverse sizes, they are very different. 

Key Difference [Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair]

One of the major differences between a gaming chair and a recliner chair is stark and visible. A gaming chair has a sleeker design and a racer style. It provides an upright position and supports an engaged posture. The backrest may tilt to a certain extent, but it does not roll back. A gaming chair is padded, but it is not soft or stuffed with thick foam.

On the other hand, a recliner chair is a multi-purpose furniture piece that works well in an office space and your room. It is stuffed with soft foam material feeling plush against your skin. A recliner typically has a footrest and a highly adjustable backrest to help you relax completely. You will love a recliner chair to watch tv, read books or take a short nap. It may not be the best choice for a home office, as it supports relaxed posture.

Both chairs are highly popular, and a vast population enjoys them. However, the ultimate choice depends upon your purpose for buying the chair and your personal preference. Both chairs have some stark similarities, which makes a user confused. A gaming chair may also have built-in speakers and adjustable armrests for a more immersive experience which a recliner chair lacks.

Detailed Differences

To make the differences clearer between gaming and recliner chairs, we will have a detailed discussion in this section. The key difference between the chair are as follows:

The Material

The material of a gaming chair is stiffer and made to provide enough support. The inner chair frame is made with steel and aluminum to enhance its longevity. The wheelbase is often made with nylon and PU wheels to go with it. The inner foam lining is more dense than soft to provide better hip support, but it is not usually plush. You will find PU leather, faux leather, fabric, and mesh gaming chairs in the market.

On the other hand, a recliner chair is made for relaxing and works well in multiple scenarios. The inner foam lining is plush to provide added comfort and support. You might get a cushion fastened with the chair, and the inner lining is very soft and made with plush foam. The outer material is mostly soft leather, high-quality faux leather, or a softer cloth. You will barely find any plastic, wood, or metal accessories on the recliner’s exterior.

The Design

One of the main differences between a gaming chair and a recliner in their design. A gaming chair has a bolder outlook with a racer style. It looks beastly and fits the vibe of a gaming room. A gaming chair is sleek and has an adjustable headrest, armrest, and an upward seat palette. It provides good support and adjustability, but it is not as comfortable as a recliner chair.

A recliner chair is made for relaxation; hence, it is extra padded to add comfort. It has a bulkier design which may not be the best fit for a working space. However, in a 140-180 degrees position, recliners to support a relaxed posture. The living room should watch tv or read books, newspapers, etc. Recliners also come with a remote or a button to change positions.

Mobility and Posture

A gaming chair has a sturdy wheel caster that helps you move from one place to another. The wheels are often made with nylon or PU material with a rubber lining to protect the floor. A gaming chair is better for an engaging position due to its upright back.

On the other hand, a recliner chair is not mobile and stays. You won’t find wheels in many recliner chairs as they are made for lounging purposes. You can work on it in a more comfortable position, but it does not keep your posture engaged. It might be a good choice for lazy work days, but not for busy days with a higher workload.

Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair-Which is the Best for You?

Many people find it hard to choose between a gaming chair and a recliner chair. Both may have some similarities, but they have different purposes. Your choice between the two depends upon your preference and your purpose in buying the chair. 

A gaming chair is the best for people who are into gaming, and it also is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. A gaming chair allows you to have an engaged posture optimizing your productivity and performance. The ergonomic features such as an adjustable backrest, armrest, height, etc., allow you to develop a better posture and get through your work faster. A gaming chair also has sturdy wheels for better mobility and a beastly design going with the home office aesthetics.

On the other hand, a recliner chair is made for lounging purposes and is much more comfortable. It has extra padding, which makes it bulkier. However, it may have a bulky design, but it only takes 4 to 5-inches of floor space. It is best to lie down, relax, watch tv, read a book or even work on it on slow work days. It has a plush material which makes it an apt furniture piece for your living space.

Overall, both chairs serve a different purpose and are best for their promise. If you want a comfy chair to lounge in after a long work day, nothing’s better than a recliner chair. However, if you are looking for a chair that is the best for working all-day gaming and editing, a gaming chair works better.

Best Gaming Chair

●    GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

GTPLAYER is one of the best gaming chair brands that provides its customers with affordable yet high-quality products. The chair has phenomenal ergonomics with a lumbar pillow, padded headrest, and armrest. With a 360-swivel function and a sturdy wheel caster, you can have the best experience moving around. GTPLAYER is a trusted brand that provides only the best to its users.

Why Choose the GTPLAYER gaming chair?

GTPLAYER gaming chair is one of a kind with a spectacular PU leather material and soft cushioning on the inside. It has an adjustable footrest to alleviate your legs for added comfort and relaxation. The sturdy metal legs and high-quality wheels add more mobility and stability. It has a lumbar pillow that adds subtle pressure to your lower back, avoiding sciatic pain.

Key Features

  • It has a weather-resistant and dust-proof PU leather material, which is quite easy to maintain.
  • The metal legs add more stability and longevity to the chair.
  • It has padded and curved armrests that help in adding enough arm support.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-days return policy.

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Best Recliner Chair

●    Comhoma Leather Recliner

Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair

Comhoma is one of the recliner brands that promises and delivers high-quality and maximizes comfort. The chair offers a 150-degree recline and 360-degree swivel, which is the best to provide added support and fun. The brand uses high-quality PU leather material with long life and looks aesthetic. Comhoma is a great brand with a phenomenal sense of aesthetics and storage compartments.

Why Choose a Comhoma Recliner Chair?

Comhoma recliner chair is a stunning chair with compartments to hold your drinks with rocking, heating, and swiveling features. It offers a 360-swivel, a rocking function, and a 150-degree reclination. The PU material is not only long-lasting but super easy to clean and dust-proof. You can lean backward on the plus chair and have a phenomenal experience reading or watching tv.

Key Features

  • The chair is made with PU leather material which feels soft on the skin.
  • It has a 150-degree reclination and 360-degree swivel function.
  • It has a self-heating, rocker, and swiveling feature to optimize comfort.
  • The plush arms add more support and have in-built cupholders.

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GTPLAYER Gaming Chair vs Comhoma Recliner Chair

There are some significant differences between the two chairs which can be seen in the comparison chart below:

SpecificationsGTPLAYER gaming chairComhoma recliner chair
MaterialPolyurethane PU leather
Dimension19.68 x 20.86 x 53.15 inches35.8 x 37.4 x 40.94 inches
Material finishPlastic, leatherBlack 
Item weight48 pounds 44 kgs

●    Material

Both the GTPLAYER gaming chair and the Comhoma recliner chair have similar material finish, yet it is very different. The gaming chair has metal legs and a wheel with plastic detailing on the body. The polyurethane material is stiff yet feels comfortable to sit for long hours. It has a durable and easy-to-maintain material which is a bonus for customers. However, the PU leather can chip off and rip easily with use.

The Comhoma recliner chair has a plush PU leather material with plush foam lining. It has a stuffed armrest with storage compartments that help hold drinks and smaller items. The material is low-maintenance, dust-proof, and weatherproof.

●    Mobility

The GTPLAYER chair has a metal wheel caster and sturdy legs that help add more stability to the chair. If you have to move across the room, you can do so to grab your favorite items. It has a 360-degree swivel which is a fun feature.

The Comhoma recliner chair is not mobile and is very bulky. It does not take much floor space, but it is not moveable. You need extra help to move the chair because it’s heavy and plush.

●    Design and Function

The GTPLAYER gaming chair has a slim design with an adjustable armrest, making it fit in versatile spaces. It supports an engaged posture which helps increase performance and productivity, making it best for work.

The Comhoma recliner chair is padded and plush with a bulkier design. It is best to keep in your lounge to relax, watch TV and read. The chair works well to lounge on, take a nap, and sprawl upon to binge-watch shows.

Which is the Best: Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair?

The GTPLAYER gaming chair is very sleek and comes in handy to sit all day and work. The gaming chair with tilt-back is ideal for resting mid-work yet helps maintain an engaged posture. Its ergonomics keep you from messing up your posture, and its wheels are ideal for moving around.

The recliner chair may not be the choice for people looking for a work chair. However, it is best to lounge around and relax. The best chair for you may vary depending upon your need, but a gaming chair is best for work with maximum productivity.

Things to Consider before Buying a Recliner

Here are a few things you need to consider before you buy a recliner chair for yourself:

●    Design and aesthetics

A recliner chair has a varying design that matches your existing aesthetics. You need to consider the size and dimensions of the chair so that it fits your existing space the best.

●    Material

When buying a recliner chair, it must have a dust-proof, weatherproof, and fire-resistant material. Breathable fabric and stretchable leather material work best. Make sure you are buying a low-maintenance, breathable, and well-cushioned recliner.

●    Durability

You can evaluate the durability of a recliner through its warranty. The recliner chair must have a one-year warranty with a return policy. 


Now that the Gaming Chair vs. Recliner Chair debate is over, you know the final verdict. The primary features of both the chairs are the best and provide a great experience. However, your preference will determine which chair works best for you. Please keep us updated with your choice and how it worked out for you in the comments section.

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