Recliner vs. Office Chair [Which One is Better?]

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The market is full of high-end chairs, yet you only have so much budget to spend on them. Keeping the budget aside, most chairs’ comfort, features, and ergonomics may not match your purpose. You can find baby chairs, dining chairs, lounging chairs, office chairs, recliner chairs, etc.

With so many choices, one can often feel overwhelmed and not so ready to invest. For work, people usually incline towards either office chairs or recliners. Hence, we decided to do a Recliner vs. Office chair article to help you select the right one. Let’s dig deeper to see which one best suits your needs.

What is the Difference Between a Recliner and an Office Chair?

Recliners and office chairs are popular, yet they have a few things in common. Hence, we decided to differentiate between the two for you. Here are some key differences between the two chairs:

●    Key Difference [Recliner vs. Office Chair]

A recliner is meant to provide optimal comfort and support to a user. Its main purpose is to lounge on and be in a resting position. The look of a recliner is bulky with extra padding, which may not fit the aesthetics of many spaces. It is wrapped with material with barely any metal or hardware detailing. It is not easy to move a recliner as it does not have a wheel caster. A recliner chair is usually made with PU leather, real leather, or fabric.

On the other hand, an office chair is made with maximum adjustability features making it easier for people to lean back. It sometimes has a rocking function and tilts back to maximize comfort. The upright backrest works phenomenally to keep you in an engaged posture. The flip-up arms and sleek design make it fit in compact spaces. You can use the chair’s wheel caster to move from one place to another. Consequently, it also has a height adjustability feature which makes it ideal for people of varying sizes and weights.

●    Detailed Differences

To clarify things, we are defining the differences in detail to help you understand each type better. Here are some differences you must observe as they can help you make the right choice:

The Material

One of the major differences between a recliner and an office chair is the material. Recliners have the upholstery and a plush and smooth design. It is usually made with a softer material on the outside, such as faux leather, cloth, or leather material. It also has a removable cushion with memory foam and cotton material lining. 

Nowadays, an office chair is made with mesh material mostly to enhance breathability. It has an aluminium or steel frame, which makes it more durable. An office chair has a sleek design and flip-up arms that fit perfectly under the desk. Sometimes, you will find five nylon, plastic, or aluminum wheel caster with sturdy wheels for movement.

The Purpose

A recliner chair is plusher and fits well in a bigger space. The main purpose of a recliner chair is to use it for longer and lounge on. It is usually kept in a living room or bedroom as it adds great comfort. It has more reclination than an office chair. You can binge-watch your favorite shows or have a relaxing evening on a recliner.

On the other hand, an office chair is made for hands-on tasks and keeping you engaged. It has a curved backrest that fits your spine well to avoid any back pain you can experience from sitting for longer. It fits in compact spaces and has a height adjustability option. It has a rocking mode, tilt-shift, lumbar support, headrest, backrest, etc. The office chair provides ample comfort but mostly supports an engaged posture.

The Padding Type

A recliner is mostly plush and has more padding than any other chair on the market. A cotton material or memory foam is mostly used for padding to make it plusher and comfier. The headrest supports your neck well, and the padding armrests add significant support. Most recliners have a wooden frame for durable weight support.

On the other hand, you will not find much-padded office chairs in the market. The mesh office chairs offer breathability but not plush back support, which you don’t require during working. Even the thin padded chairs have dense foam that provides the required comfort. The seat palate has a butterfly shape to provide more blood flow to the legs and avoid hip pain.

Recliner Chair vs. Office Chair-Which is the Best for You?

A recliner chair is the comfiest and allows you to take a rest while you enjoy the best support throughout your body. You can either lay flat on the chair or be in an angled position which is sometimes even more comfortable. If you want to have a comfy chair in your living space that you can often use to work, a recliner chair is a great choice.

An office chair is unbeatable for maintaining an engaged posture and alleviating your productivity. Its slim design does not take up much space and fits the aesthetics of your home office. The breathable design allows seamless airflow and keeps you cool throughout. Also, the wheel caster maximizes stability and more control.

You can use the recliner chair in multiple ways, such as reading, lounging, tending to babies, etc. An office chair is also versatile as it helps in enhancing work performance, swiveling, gaming, etc.

Best Recliner Chair

●    JUMMICO Recliner Chair

jummico recliner chair

JUMMICO is a great chair brand that does not only make the comfiest recliner chairs but also pays attention to the aesthetics. The JUMMICO recliner chairs are versatile and can be used in various ways. You can do anything on the JUMMICO 90-165 degrees reclining chair, from reading books to lounging.

Why choose the JUMMICO recliner chair?

The JUMMICO recliner chair is made with breathable fabric and a cozier feel. It has 90-165 degrees reclination which is perfect for reading, taking a nap, feeding babies, watching tv, etc. It has a steel frame, stable legs, and a retractable footrest that helps you achieve the most comfortable position.

Key Features

  • The JUMMICO recliner chair uses breathable fabric, working well in all seasons.
  • The chair has 90-165 degrees reclination to use it diversely.
  • It has a sturdy steel frame with a detachable footrest to achieve a resting position.
  • The mutated grey colour matches the aesthetics of most rooms and only enhances the beauty.

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Best Office Chair

●    NEO Chair Office Chair

NEO chair office chair

NEO CHAIR is a brand that speaks excellence as they use high-quality material, pay attention to details, and have an affordable price. They have an uncompromising quality with an excellent marketing strategy. NEO CHAIR’s distinct standing in the market is due to the high-density foam they use and breathable mesh material. They have a no-middle man policy which helps in cutting down the price significantly.

Why choose the NEO CHAIR office chair?

The NEO CHAIR office chair is made to provide excellent ergonomic support and hugs your body. Its high-density foam seat works magically to provide better hip support. The mesh material on the back provides more breathability, allowing enough air to pass through. Whether cold or warm, you will feel extremely comfortable working on it all day.

Key Features

  • The NEO CHAIR office chair has an affordable price as it has no middle-man policy.
  • It has a mesh backrest which maximises the breathability and enhances the airflow.
  • The slightly curved ergonomic backrest hugs the body well and eliminates discomfort and pain.
  • The lever at the chair’s base helps height adjustability and pushchair beneath the desk.

The JUMMICO Chair vs. NEO CHAIR office chair

To better explain the difference between the two chairs, we will highlight a comparison chart and compare its features in detail below. Here are some key differences between the two chairs:

Comparison chart

SpecificationsJUMMICO chairNEO CHAIR office chair
ColorGrey Black 
MaterialTextile Mesh 
Furniture finishWood Aluminum 
Maximum weight265 pounds 250 pounds 
Item weight59.5 pounds 20 pounds

●    Reclination modes

The JUMMICO chair is one of the best chairs available in the market in the affordable range. It has a 90-165 degrees reclination, allowing you to have better rest and maximise comfort. It is good to keep in the bedroom and your TV lounge. You can also keep it in your baby’s nursery to spend time with them.

The NEO CHAIR office chair is ideally the best one in the market with a mesh back. It is quite breathable and with a 130-degree reclination option. It has a tilt lock function and a 360-degree swivel, making things quite interesting. You will also have no difficulty pushing the chair up and down using the lever on the rear end.

We recommend going for the JUMMICO chair if you want comfort and lounging around. However, the NEO chair will be the best choice to maintain an engaged posture and get your office work done faster.

●    Frame and material

The JUMMICO recliner chair is made with lightweight and breathable fabric. It is perfect for summer as you can sit on it without feeling super-hot. It has a lighter colour with neutral tones that go with the aesthetics of any room. You can keep it in your baby nursery for nursing and spending time with them.

The NEO CHAIR office chair is made with soft foam cushioning, which supports your hip better. It has a mesh lining on the back, which lets the air pass through, perfect for hotter months. It has a 5-star caster that helps you move from one place to another.

Both the chairs have breathable material; however, the ultimate choice is on you. If you are looking for a work chair, the NEO CHAIR office chair is perfect. However, there is nothing better than the JUMMICO chair for nursing the baby, watching TV, reading books, etc.

●    Aesthetics and function

If you are looking for a chair with neutral aesthetics, you will love the JUMMICO chair as it gives any space light and airy feel. It is the perfect chair for resting and lounging.

The NEO CHAIR office chair is made with mesh material and has a rich black colour. You can easily fit in the chair in any space and make your workspace look modern. The highly cushioned seat maximises comfort and helps maintain an engaged posture.

Which is the Best: JUMMICO chair vs. NEO CHAIR office chair?

The JUMMICO recliner chair with 90-165 degrees reclination is the perfect one for reading, being a couch potato on weekends, and binge-watching shows. It has an extremely breathable material with a steel frame to have a relaxing time.

On the other hand, the NEO CHAIR office chair has a breathable mesh design to maximise breathability. It has a cushioned seat which provides adequate spine and hip support. Its matte black colour and style give any space a modern look.

Your needs and purpose can influence your chair choice. The JUMMICO chair is the best for alleviating aesthetics and having a great time filled with comfort. At the same time, the NEO CHAIR office chair is appropriate to get work done faster and more productively.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

Before you go ahead and buy a recliner chair, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some key takeaways:

●    The material

The material plays a pivotal role in making a recliner material comfortable and feel good against the skin. PU leather, breathable fabric, microfiber fabric, or cotton works best for recliners. If you buy a recliner, it should feel great and easy to maintain.

●    Warranty

A recliner is a heavy investment; hence, it should have an ample warranty. It must have at least six months to a one-year warranty, depending upon the price.

●    Reclining function

Reclination should be the main highlight feature as you must be able to lean back and relax. 90-165 degrees is an ideal reclination to achieve an engaged and resting position.


We highlighted many differences and key similarities in the Recliner vs. Office chair discussion. We hope you can determine which one will work best for you. We would love to hear your feedback and the chair you found the best.

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