Is A Recliner Good For Your Back? Latest Guide

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Recliners have become all the rage these days. Since these comfortable chairs are available in all price ranges, that makes it very easy for most people to acquire them. But are these recliners bad for your back? Let’s find out.

We aren’t sure if you know or not but investing in a recliner isn’t just about buying comfort in fact, if you use it wisely, a recliner can do wonders for your back. Don’t believe us? Continue reading.

Did you know that in the USA, 8 out of 10 people complain about having pain at some point in their lives? It’s one of the major reasons why most working personnel go on leave because they encounter back problems. This all can be dealt with efficiently only if people decide to pay attention to their physical health without delay.

Having a recliner in your home can do wonders for your back. And not just that, it can relieve you of muscle stress and even has the ability to fix a troubled knee. Without further ado, let’s talk about all the reasons a recliner is good for you and why you need to invest in one right away!

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Let’s Dig Is A Recliner Good For Your Back

is a recliner good for back problem

Work on your angles

We know and understand that sitting at a 90-degree angle for a long period of time not only causes discomfort and but it also makes one feel tired and strained. Many people believe they need to sit straight but according to researchers, sitting in a reclined position is far better because it reduces pressure from your spine.

Once you start using a recliner, you will feel yourself that sitting in an inclined position doesn’t cause you any discomfort. You feel far more productive, your shoulders and back much more relaxed. Also, a recliner is most useful for people who suffer from back problems or chronic pain.

It keeps your spine in alignment and puts off pressure from your muscles throughout your lower back.

Keeps you from hunching

Hunching while sitting on sofas is a common practice and it is something that we can’t really stop ourselves from doing apparently. But it does causes a lot of trouble like neck pain, stiff joints, and back pain.

Slouching and hunching can be easily avoided if you opt for a recliner. It uses gravity to keep your head, neck and chin aligned so you don’t end up stiffing your muscles without even realizing it.

Added features

If back pain has been bugging you for some time then you can always take a look at recliners that come with extra features like massagers, adjustable headrest, or lumbar support.

Of course, these sort of recliners do cost some extra bucks but trust us when we say, they are all worth the money. Nothing is more important than your comfort and relaxation. So if you find a recliner that comes with added features, if you have the money, buy it right away because you will regret not buying later.

Also, having a recliner that can massage your back once you get home is everything you need. You will not have to wait for a spa day anymore when you can get the best massage at home for free.

Don’t snooze on your sofa

Another thing that we really want to put forward is the bad habit that some people develop of snoozing off on their sofas. This habit of yours can cause you unnecessary physical strain like neck and back pain which can be easily avoided.

You should know that no matter how comfortable it might feel, resting your head on the armrest, doesn’t align your spine with your head which later causes a neck sprain. Instead, you can doze off on a recliner because it keeps your spine in alignment and keeps you from causing yourself muscle stress.

A recliner is known to keep your body in a more natural position which is why it is recommended by so many doctors and physicians. Not to mention, if the recliner you’re sleeping on comes with some extra features then you can always have your back massaged while you sleep.

Take care of your feet

The best part about buying a recliner is they come with built-in footrest. A perk that our regular home sofas don’t offer.

After a tiring day at work, all you need is your body to be taken care of and nothing is as good as relaxing on your favorite recliner without having to hang your feet. Elevating your feet will not only reduce tension in your hip muscles but it will also relieve your spine off added pressure.

Not to mention, it will also improve the blood flow in your muscles which will in turn relieve you off all the discomfort you’ve been feeling.


As you can see, recliners have numerous advantages and to the question you asked earlier, yes, they are good for your back. There are thousands of recliners available in the market that you can check out for yourself.

With all the added features we have talked about, the fact that some recliners do come with massagers that take care of your body and relieve muscle stress is absolutely true. But you need to keep in mind the more features that a recliner will have, the more expensive it will be. So you will have to find the best recliners in your budget. There are plenty of options to choose from so don’t worry about not finding anything.

Other than that, we hope the article has been helpful to you in regard to the answer you were looking for. If you are someone who has used a recliner yourself, we would love to know all about your experience and whether you recommend it or not.

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