Recliner vs Glider for Nursery – Comprehensive Guide

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When setting up a nursery, you only want what is best for your future child. From selecting the crib to the wallpaper, everything should be top-notch, multipurpose, and the best. One thing that can give you a hard time selecting the right chair.

You can either get a rocking recliner or a glider for the nursery. A comfortable seat to feed the child and make them go to sleep is a necessity. However, the Recliner vs Glider for nursery has always been a debate. Are you confused between the two and have no idea which one you should get?

Recliner vs Glider for Nursery Comparison

Recliner vs. Glider for Nursery
Featured Image: Recliner vs. Glider for Nursery

A recliner is the best for comfort with motorized manipulations to maximize performance. On the other hand, a glider does not have a reclination function, but its smooth back and forth motion helps soothe the baby.

This article discusses everything about recliners and gliders and some factors that set them apart. Here you go!

What is the Difference Between Recliners and Gliders for Nursery?

Even though recliners and Gliders are best for soothing a crying baby and feeding them comfortably, some factors set them apart. Here are a few differences you must be aware of:

What is the Difference Between Recliners and Gliders for Nursery

Key Differences Between Recliners and Gliders for Nursery

A recliner’s utmost priority is to provide users with ultimate comfort and a space where they can chill for longer. You can recline and push-forward the recliner through a remote or single button with motorized manipulations. Due to the plush cushioning inside, you can have a restful sleep on it. On the other hand, you can rock the recliner at a certain angle to tend to crying babies, and infants. A recliner’s seat is a little wider; hence, you get enough space to feed babies and make them go to sleep.

A glider for nursery is different from a recliner in many ways, one of which is it can’t recline. You cannot move its backrest to achieve a comfortable position. A glider does not tilt but glides back and forth in unique movements to help soothe a crying baby. Sometimes, its backrest is not high enough to lean your head for sleep. It comes with a removable cushion for easy cleaning and has a more affordable price.

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Between Recliners and Gliders for NurseryDetailed differences explained

To make things clearer for you and set apart the two seating types, we are going over their differences in detail. Here are comes key differences you must know about:

The Movement

One of the key differences between a recliner and a glider is the movement. A recliner moves at a certain angle, and its backrest reclines to adjust your position. You can have a more restful posture on the chair, making it easier for you to feed babies and infants. In some recliner chairs, you can also rock back and forth, and they also come with a retractable footrest for better posture and position.

A glider for the nursery does not have a reclination; the chair remains in the same position. However, it comes with a glider at the chair’s base for forwarding and backward motion. The chair does not recline or rock; it only glides. The gliding motion comes in handy to calm the baby and make them go to sleep.

Motorized Manipulations

If you are looking for a chair with automatic features, then a recliner would be ideal. A recliner comes with a push-button or remote control for automatic reclination. You can adjust the backrest and use the footrest to be in a lying position without standing. It is best if you want to take a nap with your baby.

On the other hand, a glider for a nursery does not have automatic features or motorized manipulations. You can only use your force to glide the chair back and forth. It also has a locking mechanism to keep the chair in place when you don’t require movement.

Footrest and Padded Arms

A recliner undoubtedly comes in handy when you require full-body support. A recliner is extra padded to provide soft cushioning to alleviate comfort. The padded armrests act as a support to help feed the baby without poking you. You can retrieve the footrest and rest your feet on it while feeding, reading to your baby, or taking a nap.

A glider for nursery does not necessarily have a padded armrest; some may have it. However, not many nursery gliders have a built-in footrest. They come with an ottoman on which you can prop your feet. However, you have to pay extra for the ottomans in most cases.

Seat Width

The seat width of a recliner is appropriate for feeding and rocking a child. The seat is mostly padded with soft foam and a few springs to provide an adequate bounce. You can easily use a feeding pillow on the chair without cramping up.

On the other hand, a glider’s seat width is not that much. It may fit an adult very well, but the width is not enough to feed the baby comfortably. You may have to remove the detachable pillow to make enough room to nurse the baby comfortably.

Recliner vs. Glider for Nursery- Which is Best for You?

A recliner is bulky but takes less floor space and is extremely comfortable. It comes in various designs to match your nursery’s aesthetics. The seat’s width and extra padding may come in handy to comfort and nurse a baby.

A glider is specifically made for a nursing room as its back-and-forth gliding motion helps soothe the baby. However, you may have difficulty nursing the baby in the toddler stage. The child can later use the Glider as extra seating space.

The ultimate choice between the two depends on the purpose and how long you want to use the chair for nursing. A recliner can be used in different rooms after the baby grows. However, if you plan to have more children in the future, a glider will be sufficient to soothe the babies.

Million Dollar Baby Classic Swivel Recliner – Best Recliner Chair

Million Dollar Baby Classic Swivel Recliner

The Million Dollar Baby Classic recliner is the top-of-the-line as it has a swivel technology. The brand makes Greenguard Gold certified products that contribute to cleaner indoor air, making babies healthier. It comes with a handy button for reclination, a 360-degree swivel functio, and a USB charging port. The brand is FSC certified, meaning there was no testing on the animals and the chair is environmentally friendly.

Why choose the Million Dollar Baby Classic Recliner?

The first and foremost reason to invest in the Million Dollar Baby Classic recliner is the Greenguard Gold certificate, as it ensures it refines the indoor air. There are no VOCs or chemical emissions, making it safer for children. Engineered wood and soft stain-proof material are used to make the chair. It has a gold stud detailing on the side, giving the recliner an edgier look.

Key Features

  • The chair is stain-proof making it best to clean vomits and milk spills.
  • It is made with 30% recyclable polyester, best for the environment.
  • The Greenguard Gold certificate ensures it purifies the air and removes toxicity.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel motion and a push-button for reclination.

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Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider – Best Glider for Nursery

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider

The Stork Craft store is made to offer excellence to its users by providing high-quality imported material. The chair has a smooth ball bearing for seamless gliding to soothe the babies. The 100% polyester material offers longevity and feels comfortable. You will find small storage outside of each armrest to keep baby items. 

Why Choose the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider?

The StorkCraft premium glider is made in muted colors to match the vibe of a nursery. The chair can also rock back and forth, making it a comfortable space for pregnant women. Its 100% polyester material is super breathable and easy to clean. The chair has a smooth ball bearing for seamless gliding and a lock function. It has storage on each side to keep essential baby items.

Key Features

  • The StorkCraft premium glider has a padded armrest and seat.
  • It has a smooth gliding feature and rocker, perfect for pregnant women and feeding infants.
  • The chair is made with 100% polyester material which is very easy to clean.
  • It comes with an ottoman which you can use as extra seating or lift your feet.

Million Dollar Baby Classic Recliner vs. Stork Craft Glider

We further differentiate between the Million Dollar Baby Classic recliner and Stork Craft Glider to give you a fair idea. Here are the key differences between the two:

Comparison Chart of Million Dollar Baby Classic Recliner vs. Stork Craft Glider

SpecificationsMillion Dollar Baby Classic ReclinerStork Craft Premium Glider
Room type Living room, nurserynursery
Color Performance weave eco-creamGrey and white
Item weight 111.1 45 pounds 
Material Stain-proof material Polyester 
Finish Plastic Plastic 

The Movement

One of the things that set apart the Million Dollar Baby Classic Recliner from the Stork Craft Glider is the movement type. The recliner can rock back and forth, and its backrest reclines enough to support the resting position.

On the other hand, the Stork Craft glider is supported by two smooth ball bearings that help achieve the to-and-fro motion perfectly. However, the forward and backward gliding helps the baby calm down and sleep better.

The Material

The material of the Million Dollar Classic Baby recliner is stain-proof material with a 30% recycled polyester. It has a Greenguard Gold certified material which is toxin-free and helps purify the indoor air. The material is easy to clean due to its stain proof properties; hence, it is perfect for a nursery.

The Stork Craft glider is made with 100% polyester that looks great and feels soft against the skin. It has an easy-to-clean material that you can remove and toss into washing. You can clean any milk spills or vomits using a damp cloth.

Storage and Swivel

Usually, recliners have cupholders and pockets on the side for storage. However, it is not the case with the Million Dollar Classic Baby recliner; however, it does offer a 360-degree swivel movement that helps feed the baby and make them go to sleep.

On the other hand, the Stork Craft Glider does not have a swivel motion, but it has a rocker, which helps relax a pregnant woman. It also comes with an ottoman that acts as extra seating or space to prop up your feet. It has storage pockets on the side where you can keep diapers, rash cream, a book, or even a newspaper.

Which is the Best: Million Dollar Baby Classic Recliner or Stork Craft Glider?

The Million Dollar Baby Classic recliner can be a win if you are looking for a multipurpose chair that you can use anywhere in the house. Its clean design and eco-friendly material are a bonus. It is easy to clean with a 360-swivel perfect for nursing babies.

On the other hand, the Stork Craft Glider is a hit in design, ottoman, and storage space. You can use it as a rocker chair during pregnancy. Its neutral design fits well with different vibes and is best for soothing babies.

The ultimate choice depends on how long you want to use it and whether you like recline or not. Both have great material but different vibes. So, you have to make the ultimate choice!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a recliner:

Things to Consider Before  Buying a Recliner

Fabric and Frame

When selecting a recliner, make sure it has a steel or wooden frame to ensure its longevity. The outer material should be stain-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof for easy maintenance and durability. It is better if you only need a damp cloth to wipe away spills.


Many recliners are available in the market, but they are known to be bulky. Choose a recliner with modern aesthetics and neutral colors to perfectly fit your space’s aesthetic. Few stud details can amp up the chair’s look significantly.


Only having reclination is not enough; a rocker movement and 360-degree swivel always come in handy. You must ensure it also has a movement lock, especially when buying it for nurseries. It is even better if the recliner has motorized functions.

Concluding Recliner and Glider for Nursery Comparison

We successfully highlighted everything you needed to know in this Recliner vs. Glider for nursery debate. Depending on your aesthetics, vision, and preference, the call is yours. Please drop a comment below to let us know what you choose.

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