How To Fix A Recliner Footrest ?- Easy Mechanism

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We found nothing as relaxing as laying back in our recliner after an entire day of hard work and stress. But when the recliner footrest starts sagging and doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to in the beginning, things begin to feel a little off.

A recliner is a multipurpose chair that brings you relief, comfort, and convenience all at the same time. However, maintaining a recliner and making sure all its components keep working in an efficient way is a task of its own.

Let’s Dig Deep into How To Fix A Recliner Footrest.

Usually, the first part that starts to malfunction with regard to a recliner is its footrest. A recliner footrest tends to provide you with the most comfort of all which is why it can be a little misused at times. Any recliner will begin to give you a headache when it starts to malfunction. A footrest that isn’t in working order is a moment of concern for you and you need to fix it right away.

A few causes of a malfunctioning recliner footrest

Before we attempt to fix your recliner, you first need to know why the footrest has begun malfunctioning in the first place. The first step to solving a problem is always identifying it. We are mentioning a few reasons for faulty recliner footrests. You will have to figure out which one of these reasons is causing your device to misbehave,

Rusty mechanism

Having a rusty mechanism can also cause the footrest to malfunction. This is mainly due to the weather. If the residential area you live in is always humid, then it will have adverse effects on your furniture. You need to lubricate the internal mechanism of the recliner regularly as part of the maintenance regime.

If you don’t do it, the mechanism will cripple over time hence the faulty footrest.

Old age

One common cause of a faulty recliner is old age. Have you been using the recliner for many years? Let’s say 6-year or so? If that is the case, then it makes sense.

Over the years of frequent usage, the footrest springs and screws could become loose. You will have to check around for this and replace the springs or the screws accordingly.

Breaking down

One of the prevention techniques for enhancing a recliner’s life is to make sure you never push it down. this could break your footrest. We know that people don’t slam the footrests down intentionally but this habit can potentially cause you a lot of havoc.

By pushing or slamming down the footrest, it will remain in the position you last used it in so you need to be careful while you close down the recliner. Don’t be quick in pulling the footrest up and closing it. Let it consume its due time and the recliner will automatically close itself off.

Here are a few processes that will help you fix the footrest of your recliner

Coming back to our original question, how should you fix a recliner footrest? We are mentioning three different methods of how you can fix the footrest of your recliner. You can opt for the one that is deemed most appropriate to you,

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Fixing a loose recliner footrest spring

It’s not impossible for a footrest spring to become loose over time. It’s one of the most common reasons why the footrest starts malfunctioning. Lucky for us, it can be easily fixed by following a few simple steps,

  • Turn over your recliner
  • Now you will be able to locate the spring that connects the recliner to the footrest
  • You will have to remove all the screws with the help of a screwdriver that keep the spring attached to the footrest and attach a new spring in its place.
  • Once the spring has been attached, reinstall all the parts and the footrest will start functioning like before.

This is how you can replace the older spring with a new one. It’s a very easy process and can be done within 15 minutes.

Fixing a sagging recliner footrest

Another common problem that can occur is there could be difficulty for the footrest to stay in an upright position. The main problem can be with the adjustment mechanism and here is how you can fix it,

  • Turn the recliner over and look for the adjusting mechanism.
  • Find the ratchet that keeps the footrest locked in its place.
  • You will have to access ratchet by removing any screws that may come into your way. But make sure you remember which screw goes where so you can reverse the entire process later.
  • Once you have the ratchet, remove the bar that is linked to it.
  • You will have to either replace the bar or fix it and then reattach it to the ratchet before putting everything back together.

By doing this process, your recliner will be able to hold its position again.

Fixing a recliner footrest that won’t close

This last step-by-step guide will help you how to fix a recliner footrest that won’t stay down or close completely.

  • Turn over the recliner and look for the wooden chassis.
  • Once you have unscrewed the wooden chassis, you will have access to all the internal joints. Make sure you have covered your recliner with rags before the process because this could get messy.
  • Now, lubricate each joint and then reassemble the recliner.

A recliner footrest usually doesn’t close when its mechanism has become too rigid. This can happen over time and with a little bit of lubrication, the problem can be easily fixed.


So, this is how you can fix a recliner footrest. If your recliner has started making a lot of fuss lately, there is nothing to be worried about. Just follow the steps as mentioned and you will be able to fix it without any professional assistance.

However, in case the problem persists, don’t forget to get in touch with your manufacturer for professional assistance.

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