3 Steps On How To Make Swivel Recliner Stationary? – Detailed Guide

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The swiveling function on the chair comes quite in handy to change positions and rock side to side. However, the swiveling function becomes an issue when the recliner is too close to the furniture. When swiveling, you can unintentionally knock down the side table or furniture pieces nearby. 

On the other hand, you cannot use the footrest actively when the chair is in swiveling mode. If you want to get rid of the swiveling function, we have easy methods to help you. We are letting you know some easy ways to disable the swivel base and keep the recliner in one direction. Dive right in to know how!

Different Methods of Making Swivel Recliner Stationary

How To Make Swivel Recliner Stationery

It is not easy to make a swivel recliner stationary, especially if no lock is given on the side to do so. You may need to grab a screwdriver and some screws to do this. You should know how to work around these tools and call someone to help you. Here is a guide on how to make a swivel recliner stationary:

Method 1: Screwing Swivel and Chair’s Base Together

Method one is quite simple and works for many chairs having a separate swivel base. It takes less than 20 minutes to do so and keeps the chair in place. Here is how this method works:

Screwing Swivel and Chair’s Base Together

Step #1: Flip the chair

We know it is quite hard to flip the heavy recliner upside down, but you could use someone’s help. Flipping the recliner to see the swivel base and the chair’s base. 

Step # 2: Align the swivel base with the chair’s base

The next step is to align the swivel base with the chair’s base. You will see a few holes in the chairs and swivel bases. You must align the holes and attach them to keep the chair’s base from swiveling.

Step # 3: Add spacer bushing

After aligning the swivel and chair’s base, you must close the gap or attach both to keep it stationary. It is easier to use spacer bushing to close the gap and attach both bases. You can also make two aligning holes and use screws to keep the chair together and stop it from moving.

Step # 4: Flip the chair

After putting the screws into place, ensure you have tightened them thoroughly. Use your hands to check if the screws are tight enough and the bases are not moving. Flip the chair back in its position; the swivel will be disabled. Now, the chair will stay in one position and not move constantly.

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Method# 2: Drilling Holes and Using Eye Hooks

The market has different kinds of recliners, meaning the above method may not work for all. If your swivel and chair’s base don’t have aligning holes, you may have to drill them yourself. Here are a few steps to tackle the issue:

Drilling Holes and Using Eye Hooks

Step# 1: Remove the recliner’s seat

The first step is to remove the recliner’s seat from the base holding it. Some recliners come with side clips, while others are fixed in a slot. You can use a butter knife to separate the seat or pull with force to pull it out.

Step# 2: Drill hole strategically

The next step is crucial; you must do it correctly to make the swivel recliner stationary. If you don’t know how to drill holes, you can ask a friend or anyone for help. Make sure to drill big enough holes on the back side and the front legs. The position of the holes also depends upon the kind of chair you own. Hence, it is best to see which position works best to keep the recliner in the direction you want.

Step # 3: Add screws or eye hooks

You can use different-sized drill machines to make pilot holes of the required size. You can use bigger bolts or eye hooks to keep the swivel and chair’s base together. If you don’t want to use screws, hanging wire hangers are also a great solution. You should ensure the screws and bolts fit tightly and don’t move under pressure. 

Can I restore the swivel function after making the recliner stationary?

A few reasons people want to make their swivel recliners stationary are a lack of space or purpose. However, you might want to restore the swivel function in the future. It is one of the concerns people have when making their swivel recliners stationary.

We have the answer if you are wondering whether or not you can restore the swivel function. You can make the recliner swivel again by unscrewing the chair’s base from the swivel base. Unattaching the screws will make the chair swivel again. 

However, you have to ensure the hanging wires and bolts you use are not very tightly placed. Some chairs come with a swivel lever to keep the chair in place. You can also use those levers to activate the swivel function.

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Swivel recliner chairs are more in demand than stationary ones considering you can switch positions. Swiveling comes in handy when you have to rock, work, or even relax. However, the lack of space requires a stationary recliner.

We have mentioned all the tricks to make your recliner stationary easily. You only need a few tools, such as a drilling machine, screwdriver, and some screws. Make sure you have somebody to help you flip the chair or pull out the seat. The methods above are also reversible, ensuring you can restore the swivel function.

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