Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Recliners For Overweight People

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Obesity brings a lot of inconveniences with itself, undoubtedly where hellish back pains are still on the top that any regular recliner can’t get you off.

No matter how much time you spend in bed or how many painkillers you take every day, they don’t seem to leave you, right?

The few best heavy duty recliners are no less than a blessing to satisfy the cravings of your painful back and get your life back on track.

Still, when you step into the market, many options surround you that make everything fussy and agitated.

To avoid all of these circumstances, I have just compiled a series of best heavy duty recliner reviews that are the game changers of the recliners world and would help you make just the right decision.

Best Heavy Duty Recliners

Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Recliners of All Time

ServiceMain Features
Badge<strong>Ashley Yandel Power Lift & Heavy duty Recliner</strong>

Ashley Yandel Power Lift & Heavy duty Recliner

  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Construction material: Poly fibres
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Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

  • Weight capacity: 320lbs
  • Construction material: Faux leather
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Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

  • Weight capacity: 500lbs
  • Construction material: 100% polyester
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CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Construction material: Microfiber fabric
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Homelegance Laurelton Recliner

Homelegance Laurelton Recliner

  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Construction material: 100% polyester
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B BAIJIAWEI Power Lift Recliner

B BAIJIAWEI Power Lift Recliner

  • Weight capacity: 320lbs
  • Construction material: Faux leather
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Ashley Ernestine Adjustable Recliner  

Ashley Ernestine Adjustable Recliner  

  • Weight capacity: 400lbs
  • Construction material: Textile
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1. Ashley Yandel Power Lift & Heavy duty Recliner for heavy person

Top Pick
Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner


  • Minimalistic framework
  • Premium upholstery
  • Slow power movements for the convenience of old and disabled persons
  • Ultimate lumbar support
  • Highly padded
  • Robust construction

When looking for some of the most durable recliners, Ashley is the first name that comes to mind. With their minimalistic nature and fascinating looks, they always end up catering vintage vibes to your living room. Apart from their bossy looks, they have spectacular features specially assigned to heavy people that will make you fall for them. This dual-motored recliner is a breeze to operate for all ages.

To begin with some startling features,

This exquisite recliner is all covered with brown saddle upholstery made of thick poly fiber, giving a leathery perception.

With that being said, Ashley’s best recliner for heavy duty shows no compromise on their quality and comfort. They are equipped with thick padded cushions to ensure coziness, a high back for prolonged lumbar support, metal-reinforced seating, and robust blocked frames all teamed up to take your comfort to another level.

Adding up to the convenience,

There is a power lift that tends to elevate your tired legs and relax your exhausted back so, even if you went through surgery recently, they have got your back.


  • Easy to operate
  • Highly comfortable
  • Remarkable back and leg support
  • A big side pocket
  • Easy assembly


  • It is not suitable for too many people

Product Conclusion

Ashley Yandel recliners are one of the few names that have surpassed in both durability and functionality. So, when you need to relax after a long occupied day, just press the button, elevate your legs, and have a sound sleep.

2. Mcombo Electric Heavy Duty Recliner for Big Men

Top Pick
Mcombo Electric Heavy Duty Recliner for Big Men


  • Ultra-padded fabrication
  • Outclass durability
  • Different adjustability options
  • TUV certified motor
  • USB charging ports and cup holders
  • Legit reclining angle of 140°

Mcombo has hit all the industry standards for being a promising recliner both regarding comfort and durability. The whole chair is wrapped up in an immensely durable faux leather that has made it easy to clean while providing superior comfort with excellent eye-catching aesthetics.

Adding to this,

A power lift drives the chair up with a maximum reclining angle of 140° to help you stand without stress on your knees and back.

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Apart from that, this dynamic recliner comes with a lumbar heating point and 8 vibrating points all around the chair to release pressure and strains from a painful body. As far as the control is concerned, you will find 3 adjustable positions that intend to be controlled by 2 push buttons.

Moreover, the chair has mastered taking comfort to extremity, finely cushioned seating, overstuffed arm sets, and supremely padded headrest proves to be an unbeatable squad.

Hence, when there is no doubt left in their comfort levels, Mcombo has introduced a USB charging port along with cup holders as a token of a treat for you.


  • More than 5 vibrating points
  • Eminent stability
  • Super easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Can bear weight up to 300lbs
  • Utmost comfort


  • USB charging ports might show glitches

Product Conclusion

If you are working from home, a healthy back is necessary to grow a healthy business. If you are looking for the best heavy duty recliners for big men, then regarding durability, efficiency, and comfort, Mcombo is all you need.

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3. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver – Best heavy duty recliners for 400lbs persons

Top Pick
Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • A giant room for big and tall people
  • Endurance capacity up to 500lbs
  • Robust metal frames and Tenon joints
  • Deluxe fabric manufacturing

Lane home furnishings are perfect for people who love to adorn contemporary furnishings in their houses. It would be terribly unfair not to categorize them as the most enduring recliner.

Starting with its flabbergasting features,

This whole chair is 100% polyester swaddled in engrossing suede, giving a delicate leather touch to its appearance. Moreover, its 7-gauge steel recliner manufacturing, finely built base, luxurious bolted arms, and locking footrest are enough to boast about bringing excellent comfort and unbeatable strength. With that being said, they get their utmost durability from mortise and Tenon joints along with a hardwood framework.

Putting everything aside, their giant size with the dimensions of “40 x 44 x 48” can accommodate all body types and their weight-bearing capacity of up to 500lbs makes them the absolute favorite of big yet heavy guys.

However, it has a few shortcomings that you might understand are likely to happen in a fabric sofa. It doesn’t cater to side pockets, USB charging ports, remote controls, cup holders, and other massage options like its other competitors.


  • Manual controls
  • Perfect space for big men
  • Finely cushioned seating
  • Easy to use


  • Take time for assembly
  • Unavailability of charging port and remote control

4. CANMOV Power Lift & Heavy Duty Recliner

Top Pick
CANMOV Power Lift Recliner-The best extra-large big man recliner


  • Remote control
  • Various adjustability options
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • Pillow soft cushioning
  • Anti-skid texture
  • A spacious side pocket

Can Mov is a perfect blend of versatility, incredible comfort, and outstanding durability that makes them steal the spotlight among all heavy-duty recliners.

First off, the whole chair is armed with pillow cushioning loaded with a high-density sponge all around on the back, armrest, and seatings. High-grade anti-skid upholstery exaggerates levels of comfort and lumbar support. Wherever you recline the chair, however, you position yourself, the comfort is outspread everywhere.

Adding to this, a solid metal frame at the chair’s base is accountable for imparting long-lasting durability and retaining stability and adjustability. With the mini remote control, you can customize your position to lift or lay back, tilt to stand, or do whatever you want. Everything is just one touch away.


  • 360° plush comfort all around
  • Rational back support
  • Quick installation
  • Matchless durability
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to 300lbs


  • Customer service is not that reliable

Product Conclusion

Can Mov is one of the best recliners for heavyweights of the era. Its weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 lbs is what makes it appropriate for big and tall men as well. With easy installation and convenient operation, can move is what we all need to have.

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5. Homelegance Laurelton Recliner – Best for heavy people

Top Pick
Homelegance Laurelton-The best oversized recliner


  • Manual reclining mechanism
  • Ultra-thick cushioning
  • Oversized features
  • Chic and classy

Homelegance is one of the finest recliners as well as elders’ most supportive friends. It will give seniors all the needed support and sensational comfort to pamper themselves and provide a feel like home.

Starting with their sleek and swanky layout,

It is a 100% polyester fabrication filled with plenty of dark brown chocolate-colored plush microfibers that reflect a royal and magnificent texture.

As said, they don’t support remote control. Instead, they have a reclining mechanism based on lever action that assists you in adjusting your positions. Moreover, they are upholstered with a soft fabric reinforced with oversized backs, arms, and seatings to keep hold of comfort and stability.

Having said that,

These heavy-duty recliners can’t manage to handle a person weighing up to 300 lbs. However, it would be best to place them 3 feet away from the wall to extend them to the fullest and bring the best out of them. If you do that, they will soon lose their springiness and all the available comfort.


  • Full-fledged support
  • Effortless working
  • Top-notch comfort
  • Long term durability


  • Need proper assembly
  • Can’t occupy people up to 300lbs
  • A little narrow to accommodate extra-large persons

Product Conclusion

If you do not exceed 300 lbs and your room is spacious enough to adjust this prodigious recliner, then this tenacious recliner is just made for you.

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6. B BAI JIA WEI Power Lift Recliner – Best for oversized and heavy people

Top Pick
B BAIJIAWEI Power Lift Recliner


  • Massage remote control
  • Side pockets
  • Thick armrests
  • Breathable leather
  • Retractable footrest
  • Tiltable backrest
  • Flexible massage options
  • Zero gravity perception

B BAI JIA WEI has brought some of those splendid features that will leave you in awe at just one glance. If you are looking for a sofa not only with distinctive looks but also with some crazy specs, then here you go!

Keeping in mind all of that, let’s begin with its features. Its material is a combo blast of high-grade leather with a tremendously resilient sponge that takes comfort just out of the world. This smooth and anti-skid breathable leather has made cleaning super easy and convenient. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and ta-da! That’s quick it was.

In addition to that,

Thick and extra-wide armrests are the soul of these stupendous recliners that are committed to alleviating pain and helping you to stretch and support your arms which an ordinary sofa can’t provide you with. This heavy-duty recliner provides you with lumbar, thigh, shin, and head massage, with 5 different modes and a single lumbar heating point that lets you customize your massage. Moreover, there is an extra cup holder, side pockets, and a USB charge port that enables you to enjoy your movie time to the fullest.

Apart from all of the above features, let’s have a brief talk about its construction. Its robust metal frame is strong enough to let you recline and lift up to 20000 times without losing a bit of comfort. So, for people who find it demanding to stand up on their own, these heavy-duty power lift recliners make sure that you get a safe landing no matter how severe the discomfort is.


  • Giant padded cushions
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy to wipe
  • Remote control operation
  • Multiple modes
  • Super convenient
  • Easy installation
  • Extreme durability


  • Covers ample space of your room

Product Conclusion

B BAI JIAWEI is an all-rounder in the recliner industry. That being said, it has everything that you expect from recliners for heavyweight. A solid subtle framework, outstanding features, and long-term durability without shaking up your budget make everyone drool over them.

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7. Ashley Ernestine Adjustable Recliner

Top Pick


  • Giant size
  • Baggy seatings
  • Adjustable positions
  • One-touch power controller
  • Metal seatings
  • Sturdy frames

Ashley has a record-breaking reputation in the furniture industry, so when it comes to manufacturing the best recliner for a 400 lb man, Ashley leaves no exceptions behind.

To begin with its jaw-dropping features,

These adjustable oversized recliners are wrapped up in pliable foam cushions furnished in a warm and cozy polyester material and surrounded by a dusky cookie hue that will show compatibility with every room theme wherever you place this recliner.

Adding to this,

This dual motor recliner has a quick approach to enthusiastic support coming via corner-blocked frames in the company with metal reinforced seatings. Moreover, you can have access to adjustable positions with a one-touch power controller.


Its enormous size, accommodating dimensions of 39″ W x 40″ D x 40″ H, allows you an exclusive lounge time until you feel relaxed again.


  • Elegant looks
  • Pillow like comfort
  • Breezy control unit
  • Highly flexible
  • Robust construction
  • It runs for a long time


  • The Colour is a bit dark
  • Requires heavy space to get settled

Product Conclusion

If you had a strenuous day and your back is all frozen and exhausted by standing all day. Then a caring and cozy place like this recliner would be enough to give you quality nap time, creating an ideal environment to sprawl out.

Things to consider while buying the Best Heavy Duty Recliners of all the time

When you step into the market looking for the most durable recliners, hundreds of options will surround you, and you will feel like drowning in a pool of endless confusion. To save you from becoming the leading character of this plot, we have assembled a few imperative features that you must have knowledge about and will help you create a clear picture of the exact recliners that you want to see in your hallway.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight into it.

Maximum weight capacity

Weight-bearing capacity is the first thing to be considered when buying for most durable recliners. Having said that, don’t mistake price with its threshold capacity as you will easily find the best heavy-duty recliner under 300 dollars upon searching.

Firstly, make sure that the chair you are going to buy can endure the weight of the person for whom you are going to buy that chair. If you end up purchasing a recliner with a threshold capacity of 300 lbs but has excelled in other features and the other person’s weight is above 400 lbs. In that sense, the rest of the elements wouldn’t cope for a long time and would lose their strength soon.

Style and aesthetics

Since the chair will take up massive space in your room, compatibility with room aesthetics is necessary. The material should be of top-tier quality, giving a lustrous look such as faux leather or if you are more into fabric sofas, choose accordingly. Otherwise, any random sofa would give odd looks to your living room and would feel like a spy disguised to be someone else.

Versatile nature

Recliners for heavy people come in many options, and every recliner shows versatility in its own way. While saying that, rest assured that the sofa you are going to buy is versatile. Either it is solely comfort and style or more than that? It all depends on the definition of a versatile recliner in front of you.

A full-fledged versatile recliner is limitless, a jack of all trades, and still mastered in all. They are capable of giving massages, and you can transform them into beds when taking a nap and wrap them up in a premium luxury sofa to binge-watch Netflix.

In addition to all of this, style, size and durability are still the top categories in versatility.

Durability and sturdiness

Hence, a recliner will take a considerable investment of yours, and they need to stick with you for a long time. To make your investment worth it, give close attention to the inside construction of the sofa. You can do it by turning it upside down.

Your sofa should consist of a sturdy mesh layer between cushion and springs for even distribution of weight, and its frame should be robust enough to hold maximum weight. A 4 sided frame should always be a priority. Although 2 or 3-sided frames also show excellent efficiency, any extra pressure would split them up or make them weary before the expected period.


Leaving everything behind, if the chair is uncomfortable, your pain will suffer more than being recovered. So, make sure that the fabric you are going to choose is committed to performing beyond expectations. With that being said, materials are of several types, such as leather, microfiber, cotton, and synthetic ones that you can choose from and customize for your comfort.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most durable recliner on the market?

As said before, the more weight-bearing a recliner is, the more durable its framework will be. So, keeping in mind all of the mentioned recliners, lane home furnishings seem to be the most durable and robust recliners in the current market. It has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 500lbs that makes it stand out among so many other competitors as the best heavy duty recliner for big men and older people.

Do recliners have weight limits?

Yes, they do have! Although the recliners seem robust and colossal on the outside, once their threshold level is crossed, they tend to lose their strength and stability. Weight limits vary with each recliner, such as 300 lbs., 400 lbs, 500 lbs, and so on. So, it is necessary to contemplate endurance levels according to your weight before making any purchase.

What is a good sturdy recliner?

Ashley has already qualified for an excellent sturdy recliner that would suit all ages, from kids to teenagers and adults to elders. Their chic and classy style would show compatibility with every corner of your house. Furthermore, utmost durability and plush cushioning are the features that an excellent sturdy recliner is meant to have.


Summing up this mini guide about the best heavy duty recliners, I can understand how bewildering this whole process can be to prove your investment is worth it. I hope you are leaving this page with most of your doubts cleared and more of your queries solved. Still, I would say that no need to rush and take your time, get sure of everything before making any purchase and go through this article again in case you left any point because this is not just an ordinary investment, right?

So wish you all the best and hope that you get just the right one for your living room! 

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