Can You Manually Recline A Power Recliner

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Wondering if I can manually recline a power recliner. Then you are at the right corner of the internet because we have tons to say in this regard.

Power recliners have been all the rage for quite some time now. But as we all know, some people still prefer to use recliners that work manually. if you have a power recliner that you would like to use with a manual mechanism then we are here to help you out.

Yes, it is possible to recliner a power recliner manually. but you will have to perform a certain process to make that happen. You will have to detach the electronic mechanism of the chair and then insert a manual setting so that it can be reclined manually.

We know this may seem like a difficult task but trust us, it won’t take that long and you will be able to position your recliner manually.

Power recliners have become really popular in the last few years. There have been tons of improvements in its domain and so many people have realized the amount of benefits these recliners offer. If you haven’t used a recliner yourself then you’re missing out on a lot. Get yourself a recliner as soon as possible and feel the level of comfort it offers.

Major differences between power and regular recliners

can you recline manually a power recliner

The main purpose of any recliner, whether power or otherwise is to keep you comfortable. The added features that most power recliners come with are a plus hence the cost. But the price alone shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the comforts of a power recliner. Before we dig deep into the details of how you can convert regular recliners into power recliners, let’s find out what are the differences between the both.

With a regular recliner, you will use your body weight to push it into a position that you feel comfortable in. Some regular recliners also come with a liver that can do the push. The fact that these recliners are manual is what makes them not durable at all.

Also, most physicians do not recommend manual recliners for older people since it requires human effort which someone with a health issue cannot provide.

This is where power recliners take the cup. They come with built-in motors that control their moving mechanism. These recliners need to be plugged in and once that’s done, you can simply adjust the position you feel most comfortable in by pushing the button.

Power recliners are far more durable than regular recliners. Their positions can be locked in which makes them very convenient and enjoyable.

For most old age people, we recommend the use of power recliners since they do not require human effort. It will keep them comfortable and all they need is to adjust the position through a remote or a button that is integrated alongside the armrest.

Can You Manually Recline A Power Recliner, keep reading to know how.

Why convert a power recliner into manual recliner?

We know how most people always want to get an upgrade for their manual recliners. But there are also users who would like to do otherwise.

While it is hard to convert the power recliner into a manual one it can be done following a step-by-step guide. A manual recliner, though may be a little difficult to handle, gives you the liberty to adjust the reclining position as per your preference. This cannot really happen with a power recliner.

Convert a power recliner into manual recliner!

Before you start the process, we would like to inform you there are full-fledged toolkits available in the market that will allow you to convert your power recliner into a manual recliner. All you have to do is get yourself any of these toolkits and the whole process will become way too easy for you to understand.

Also, since we are talking about conversion kits, you should also know that if you have bought your recliner from a specific brand then you should get in touch with them beforehand. Every manufacturer offers conversion kits for their regular recliners. If you can’t seem to find one from the market, maybe you can get it directly from your manufacturer.

Most recliners come with the opportunity to be reassembled. This makes them an incredible piece of furniture that can be modified just the way you want. All you will need is the tools to break apart your power recliner. Once you open it up, you will have to detach the entire internal mechanism of your electric recliner from the chair.

First, you have to disassemble your recliner and detach the motor. The conversion kit you got contains all the guidelines you will need to know for detaching the motor. Once that is done, just put together all the parts together. You can attach a lever to the footrest of your chair so it can be manually operated.

It’s an easy process and there is no rocket science involved over here. With the conversion kit, you will be able to complete this process in less than an hour.

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So, the answer to your question whether you can recline a power recliner manually or not is yes, you can. But for that purpose, you will have to detach the internal system of the power recliner from the chair. Only then you will be able to recline it manually otherwise the entire mechanism of your recliner will cripple.

We hope all of your concerns have been well taken care of. If you have any more queries in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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