Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner Review

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When a style is mixed with comfort, you know the product is well-thought. For most people, furniture is all about comfort rather than style. However, people now pay special emphasis to décor and aesthetics as well. Looking for a comfortable lounging seat that also looks stunning as well is a challenging task.

Most people only go for recliners when they have physical limitations. 24% of adults nowadays deal with major or acute arthritis, which demands you to have comfortable seating around the house. However, recliners are the way to go even if you don’t have joint pain but still want a supremely comfortable lounging space.

Nowadays, you will find multiple smart-looking recliners around the market with modern styles. They don’t only suit your aesthetic but provide you with a great space to lounge around and relax. Even the material on modern recliners is quite luxurious yet easy to clean.

We have a great suggestion if you want a similar recliner with great style and unmatched aesthetics. Babyletto Kiwi electronic power recliner— the blend of different materials gives it a posh look! Let’s have a deeper look at its features!

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner Overview

Babyletto Kiwi electric chair is a great option to keep in a baby’s nursery as it is comfortable and functional. The design is meticulously thought about to help parents nurse their child comfortably. Customers love how well-thought-out and stylish the design matches most people’s tastes. This electric chair’s modern style and neutral color are what most people love.

The 270-degree swivel is the best feature as it helps rock the baby to sleep. It also has a rocking feature and a smooth reclination function. You can adjust the headrest according to your comfort and use the retractable footrest to get into a resting position. It also has a back-and-forth gliding function that helps put the baby to sleep. It has a fire- and water-resistant upholstery perfect for nursery as you can potentially drop things on it. It also comes with a matching ottoman which you can buy separately to prop up your feet.

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner

Key Specifications

Brand  Babyletto Base movement  Swivel 
Color  White linen Batteries requiredNo 
Material  Polyester, linen, viscous Recommended weight  300 pounds 
Frame material  Iron Item weight  119 pounds 
Product dimension  39.5″D x 29″W x 29.75″HStyle  Modern 

Brand Overview

Babyletto has been a Los Angeles-based brand making functional furniture for the past 10 years. One of their focuses is to make baby furniture that can be reused later in different parts of the house. Besides using modern technology and functionality, they also add style elements to their products. All products have remarkably durable furniture, easy to assemble and decorate.

One of the specialties of Babyletto is its recliner chairs. The retractable recliner footrest is the best to prop up your feet and nurse the baby comfortably. One of the brand’s goals is to promote sustainability and provide versatile design for multiple users. If you are having a baby or designing a nursery, Babyletto is an amazing brand to consider. They have special prices and multiple products that all parents love.

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Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner Features Review

Modern wingback style

If you are looking for a stylish recliner, you will like the Babyletto Kiwi electric recliner. The wingback style provides seamless support to the back and helps you lean comfortably. It is not overly padded; hence, it has a luxurious touch to it. The hidden control panel has a button that you can use for reclination.

Non-flammable material

When buying furniture for a nursery, the material is one of the important things to emphasize. The best part about the Babyletto recliner chair is that it is non-flammable and anti-stain. When nursing a baby, you can spill a lot of things. The mixed polyester, linen, and dense material are great because you can easily clean them with a washcloth.

Back and forth gliding

Nursing and calming the baby is not the easiest task, and you need all the available help. The recliner’s back-and-forth function can be a lifesaver for you. There is a gliding base that helps you to move back and forth to soothe the baby.

270-degree swivel

The recliner is the best one as it has a lot of functions that can help you relax and soothe an infant. It has a 270-degree swivel function, perfect for rocking side-to-side and soothing the baby. You have to be upright to use the gliding function, but you can also swivel in a tilted position.

USB charging port and retractable footrest

The recliner chair has everything you need within your reach. You can also charge your phone using the USB port given. There is a hidden panel on the side with buttons and a USB port. On the other hand, the retractable footrest is a lifesaver as it helps you utilize space better and provides maximum relaxation.

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  • Modern wingback style
  • USB port
  • Fire-resistant upholstery
  • 270-degree swivel
  • Gliding function


  • Squeaks when glides

FAQs about Babyletto Recliner

What is the warranty for the Babyletto recliner chair?

The Babyletto recliner chair has a three-year warranty which you can claim anytime. However, it has a manufacturing warranty and any technical assistance you need. You must pay for any other repairs not mentioned on the warranty card.

How to recline the Babyletto recliner?

The Babyletto kiwi electric recline has a remote and a side control panel. The control panel and buttons are hidden on the armrest. You can use those buttons to recline the chair or bring it to the upright position.

Does the Babyletto kiwi recliner have a retractable footrest?

Yes, the Babyletto kiwi recliner has a retractable footrest which helps you feel fully relaxed. It is a great way to save space and, at the same time, have access to a footrest you can use anytime.

Final Thoughts

The Babyletto kiwi recliner is a great option for a nursery. It has a 270-degree swivel, tilt, and gliding function, perfect to soothe the baby. Even if you want it for your living room, it works best as it has a stylish outlook and a durable material.

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