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Whether you visit a popular home store or online website, you will come across a wide selection of seating options. While having so many options is always liberating, making a choice may not be easy. People often narrow down sectionals and recliner chairs for their living room after going through various sofa types.

The Sectional vs. Recliner debate has been ongoing forever as both are unique. A recliner is super comfortable, but it may not always match the vibe you are going for. They take up less space but offer great support to rest better. On the other hand, they don’t take up as much floor space and are powered by great mechanisms.

A sectional sofa style has taken over the market in recent years as it not only looks fantastic but offers large seating space. Whether you have a boho, Scandinavian, or industrial look in mind, a section fits them all. A sectional is also multipurpose as it can work like a sleeping space for overnight guests. It is stuffed with the softest memory foam to feel light and comfortable against the skin.

Sectional Sofa vs Recliner – Detailed Comparison

Sectional vs. Recliner

Sectionals and recliners are great and fit the needs of customers with varying purposes. However, if you are confused, we will differentiate between the two for you. It would help you make a better choice and determine your preferences. Let’s get started!

Both sectional and recliners are extremely comfortable, but they have features that help differentiate between them. Here are a few characteristics that make the two chair types unique from one another:

Key Differences between Sectional vs Recliner

Difference Between a Sectional and a Recliner

Sectionals do not only offer maximum comfort, but they also look pleasing to the eye. They maximize the seating space while fitting into a narrow space due to their L-shape. A sectional also gives a space a casual and cozy look for lounging around. It can also accommodate overnight guests providing a comfortable space to sleep.

On the other hand, recliners are mostly motorized to switch positions through a remote or a button. They only accommodate one to three people and take up more space. A recliner may not always fit the aesthetics of a room, but it provides extreme comfort and often has a massage option. They mostly have a large size making it harder to move around. Also, a recliner has a bulky design with more than usual stuffing. Recliners work best in a nursery, a living room, and an older adult’s room as they are best for reading, watching TV, lounging, etc.

Detailed Differences between Sectional vs. Recliner

To set apart sectionals and recliners, we will go through their features and discuss their differences. Here are some of the differences between the two:

Seating Space

One of the key differences between a sectional and a recliner is the seating space. A sectional is usually bigger and accommodates more than five people at a time. It usually comes in an L-shape, which fits well even in medium-sized spaces. The sectional may look huge, but it is lightweight and easy to move around.

On the other hand, a recliner usually comes in a single seating form. If you invest in a recliner sofa, it will take up more space than normal sofas. Recliners have a bulky structure; hence, they are often heavyweight. Moving a recliner alone may not be possible; you will need help.


One of the things that set apart sectionals and recliners is the material used to make them. A sectional is made with thick velvet, cotton, wool, linen, silk, etc. Some of the fabrics are stain-proof and easy to clean. The material used for a sectional is breathable and feels soft against the skin when lounging on it.

On the other hand, a recliner is not usually made with breathable fabric. Pure leather, faux leather, PU leather, thick fabric, etc., are some of the recliner materials. However, the leather material is very easy to clean and long-lasting. A recliner has a wooden frame that can endure a higher weight.

Motorized Mechanism

A sectional may be very comfortable and provide a large seating space, but it does not have motorized features. You can use the sectional to lay on and be cozy while watching your favorite series. However, a sectional can never recline and remains in the same position. It has stuff on the backrest that provides adequate support.

On the other hand, a recliner has motorized functions best for adults and older people. You can recline the chair and lay in a comfortable position with just one click. Recliners can also push forward into a standing position to help older adults with knee problems stand. It also has storage on the armrests and sides to keep small books, drinks, remotes, newspapers, etc.


Functionality is one of the major features that set aside both sofa types. A sectional is for a casual living space where you spend a lot of your time relaxing. A sectional is for chilling with your friends and family to sit or lay down comfortably. Some people may also work on sectionals, but it is often too comfortable to concentrate.

On the other hand, a recliner is also for lounging around and relaxing, providing enough support. You can recline the sofa and be in a quiet, comfortable position. However, recliners are often in nurseries to feed and tend to babies. They also work as a great seating space in the home cinema to watch longer movies and shows. Recliners also work best for older adults as it has a motorized massage, recliner, and standing mechanism.

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Sectional vs Recliner: Which One is the Best for You?

Sectional and recliners work the best, but the ultimate choice heavily depends on your preference and style.

A sectional is a great option if you want a large seating space for your living area. The soft fabric and foam lining will allow you to enjoy your time hanging out on it. You can find a variety of sectional choices that would fit the aesthetics of your living room. Despite being large, a sectional often has a sleek design to lighten your space and make it look chic.

A bulkier recliner may take up more space than a normal armchair. However, its motorized functions help maximize comfort and make it useful for most people, especially the elderly. A recliner has extra storage on the side, which is convenient as you don’t have to move.

If you are looking for a large seating space that matches your aesthetics, a sectional is the right choice. However, a recliner is more comfortable and has motorized options and a built-in massager to reduce tiredness.

JACH Sofa Set – Best Sectional Sofa

JACH Sofa Set

JACH is one brand that believes in providing unique elements to a customer without compromising comfort. With 300 pound capacity for each seat, the sofa set is genuinely the best to lounge on or take a power nap. The built-in springs and highly elastic sponge will make you sink into the warm depth of the sofa. It has a retractable footrest to prop up your feet.

Why Choose a JACH Sofa Set?

The Jach Sofa set is one of the prime choices as extra storage for coffee mugs, glass, newspaper, and water bottles. Each seat has a 300-pound capacity making it quite versatile and long-lasting. The wooden frame with polyester lining works well for rough use in living space. The retractable footrest is great for propping up your feet and sitting in a relaxing position.

Key features of the JACH Sofa Set

  • It has a high-quality wooden frame with a polyester material lining.
  • The retractable footrest helps in propping up the feet.
  • The horizontal L-shape sofa fits well in smaller spaces.
  • It is easy to maintain and is super easy to wipe.

Yaheetech Recliner ChairBest Recliner Chair

Yaheetech Recliner Chair

Yaheetech has been on the market for a while and is known for its excellent sofas and recliners. This recliner is made with PVC and PU leather, one of the finest materials, and easy to clean. The high-density thick foam inside helps make it more comfortable to sit for longer.

Why Choose the Yaheetech Recliner Chair?

The Yaheetech recliner chair can hold 265 pounds and is made with rayon fiber. High-quality and sturdy material such as foam, iron, PU leather, etc., is used to make the recliner. The chair’s legs have non-marking floor protectors to avoid damage and scratches. It has a 0-90-degree footrest to get into a relaxing position.

Key features of Yaheetech Recliner Chair

  • The Yaheetech recliner has floor protectors on its legs.
  • It is made with high-quality PU and PVC leather
  • The recliner has a maximum 265-pound weight limit.
  • You can relax fully using the 0-90 degrees footrest.

JACH Sofa Set vs. Yaheetech Recliner Chair

To give you a more in-depth idea about the JACH sofa set and Yaheetech recliner, we are comparing both in detail below:

Comparison Chart

Specifications  JACH Sofa SetYaheetech Recliner
Material Polyester Faux leather
Item dimension 108.25” x 108.25” x 38.6”H27.17 x 33.07 x 39.17 inches
Maximum weight limit300 pounds per seat265 pounds 
Furniture finishWood PU leather
Color Gray Brown 


The material is one of the main differences between the JACH sectional and the Yaheetech recliner chair. The sectional has a polyester material which may not be as breathable, but it is long-lasting and easy to clean. The inner frame is made with wood which is ideal as the frame does not fall apart within a few years.

The Yaheetech recliner chair is made with a shiny faux leather material that looks classy and feels super luxurious. It is very easy to clean PU leather using a damp cloth and wipe off the dust. The chair has floor-protectant padding to avoid scratches.

Both materials are great for longer use; however, the recliner material is better. You can clean both easily, but it depends on your preference and which material feels more luxurious.

Seating space

The seating space of a sectional is way more and allows you to accommodate more than six people at a time. You can have a great family time in your lounge with your loved ones.

The recliner chair is made for the ultimate relaxation of a single individual with a retractable 0-90-degree footrest. Only a single person can use the recliner chair at a time, and it is not easy to move.

Weight capacity

The JACH sectional sofa has more weight capacity as its sofa has a 300-pound limit. It is great for bigger hangouts and chilling with your whole family.

The Yaheetech recliner has a 265-pound weight limit, which is ample for a single person. It will work best for older adults and even a nurse to feed babies.

Which is the best: the JACH Sofa Set vs. the Yaheetech Recliner?

The JACH sectional will be great for larger living spaces and bigger families. It has the softest foam and spring lining for better comfort and polyester material which is easy to maintain. The retractable footrest and reclination allow you to have the most relaxing experience.

The Yaheetech Recliner is great for people who want a seating space for themselves and a seating space that looks classy. It has floor protectants, reclination, and a footrest for ultimate comfort. On the other hand, it is super easy to clean and has a 265-pound capacity.

We think a section serves a different purpose and has more seating space best for larger families. However, a recliner will work best if a bachelor is looking for the comfiest seat.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a recliner, you need to consider a few things as follows:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner


Before buying a recliner, invest in one with breathable and high-quality material. Faux leather, fabric, PU leather, etc., are some recliner materials that are breathable and soft yet give the recliner a classy look.

Easy to Maintain

A recliner is a heavy investment; hence, you must get one that will last you ages. It would be best if you got a recliner that is dust-proof, waterproof, spill-proof, and stain-proof. You should be able to clean it with the help of a damp cloth.

Retractable Footrest

If you want the comfiest recliner, it should come with a 0-90 degrees footrest. A retractable footrest is always a bonus as it helps in saving space. You can shove it in when you don’t need a footrest to save floor space.

Concluding Sectional Sofa and Recliner Comparison

We differentiated between the sectional and recliner in detail to help you. You have to decide which of the two won the Sectional vs. Recliner debate for you. Do let us know your choice and how it worked out for you.

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