Leather vs Fabric Recliner [Which One Suits You?]

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Recliners are the best investment you can make to have a great experience at all times. From watching fun shows to lounging around or being a couch potato, a recliner is the best fit for all. However, the main question is, Leather vs Fabric recliner: Which is the best?

The ongoing debate for a leather and fabric recliner has been circling for a while. A leather recliner may look classy and expensive but may not be the ideal comfort-wise. On the other hand, a fabric recliner is a treat for lazy people but may not be the most ideal for maintaining.

All the speculations about recliners and the fabrics leave you doubting your choice. What should you even do? To clear your head and enable you to make the right decision, we decided to speculate on the matter. Dive right in to find out which is the best for your living space?

What is the Difference Between Leather and Fabric Recliner?

Leather vs. Fabric Recliner

Leather and fabric recliners may be similar to some people, but some factors set them apart. In section, we will discuss some key and detailed differences to analyze which works better. Here you go:

Key Differences between Leather and Fabric Recliner

What is the Difference Between Leather and Fabric recliner

Leather and fabric recliners may look similar, but there is barely anything in common. A leather recliner looks more stylish and has a luxurious feel to it. It has a more modern look that fits most houses’ aesthetics these days. On the other hand, it is relatively easier to clean a leather recliner and easy to maintain. Comfort-wise, leather recliners are not that great due to their stiff material.

A fabric recliner is a furniture piece used more casually and mostly has a traditional style. Some fabric recliners give a more formal look tailored in clean cuts and designs. It blends in with your d├ęcor easily and feels softer against the skin. However, cleaning a fabric recliner is always a struggle as it soaks in stains. Mostly, people prefer fabric recliners due to the seamless comfort it provides.

Detailed Comparison of Fabric and Leather Recliner

We decided to dive deeper more intensely to highlight the differences between leather and a fabric recliner. Here are some key pointers that set apart leather and fabric recliners:

The Style

One of the main things that set apart a leather and a fabric recliner is their style. A leather recliner is a little shiny and looks luxurious. It also feels pristine to touch and super easy to clean. You will not easily find top-grain leather recliners, but faux and PU leather also works perfectly to provide a classier look. Leather recliners are made for living rooms and study areas.

On the other hand, a fabric recliner has a more traditional look that blends well with your existing furniture pieces. The design is mostly bulky, and it fits the causal category much better. Cleaning a fabric recliner may be a hassle because only a damp cloth will not do. You may need a vacuum and rags to clean it occasionally.

The Cost

Cost plays a pivotal role when buying something, especially a large furniture piece. A leather recliner is not cheap; it may cost you a few thousand dollars. However, leather is an expensive material, so the price is somewhat justified. You can find cheaper leather recliners, but the material will not be durable or comfortable.

On the other hand, a fabric recliner works best if running on a budget. Fabric is a more breathable and cheaper raw material. Hence, you will get a lot of great designs, variety, and styles at a cheaper rate.

The Comfort

A recliner is supposed to be comfortable and allow you to lounge on it for longer. A leather recliner has a sticky and stiff material which is not what most people prefer. Often, faux leather is softer and feels great to sit on for longer. However, leather recliners are not a great choice for hot weather as they retain heat.

On the other hand, a fabric recliner is a great option if you live in a hotter climate as the material is more breathable. The fabric feels soft against the skin and is not at all stiff. You can also use a fabric recliner roughly as it is made for casual use.

Dust Accumulation

A leather recliner is great for dust accumulation because it is easy to clean. Due to the sleek leather surface, not much dust collects on it. Leather is a dust-proof and stain-proof material; hence, you can easily use a dry or wet cloth to clean it.

A fabric recliner is breathable; hence, the dust can penetrate deeper. It would be best to have a smaller vacuum or use heavy rags to eliminate dust from the deeper layers. It is better to clean the fabric recliner from time to time if you are asthmatic.

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Leather vs Fabric Recliner – Which is the Best for You?

The leather vs. fabric recliner debate is ongoing, and many people are confused about which one to buy. Hence, we decided to give our verdict on the matter. Here is what we think:

A leather recliner looks plush and classy, a better option for a study room. It is very easy to clean and looks luxurious. However, it is not best to sleep or sit for long as the material is stiff. It is a great piece to own if your house has a modern aesthetic.

On the other hand, a fabric recliner is a budget-friendly option and casually a piece you can use. It looks great in bedrooms and blends in well with the existing aesthetics of the house. A fabric recliner may not be very easy to clean, but it is extremely comfortable and apt for rough use.

SAMERY Power Recliner Chair – Best Fabric Recliner

SAMERY Power Recliner Chair

SAMERY is a great brand that incorporates the latest motorized features in its recliners. The 90-150 degrees recliner is the best to read your favorite books and chill on the couch. You can use two push buttons to recline faster automatically. It has eight massage points and five adjustable modes for a perfect relaxing time. The chair is designed for the elderly as it is super comfortable and nicely padded.

Why Choose the SAMERY Power Recliner?

The SAMERY power recliner is ideal for adults and older adults due to its soft, breathable material. The breathable fabric lets air pass and avoids sweating in summers. You will get the perfect massage with eight massage points, five intensities, and two vibration modes. The material is anti-pilling, anti-felting, wear-resistant, and skid-proof. It has a forward inclination to help the elderly with knee issues stand.

Key Features of SAMERY Power Recliner

  • It has two cup holders on the armrest and side storage to keep the remote, newspaper, etc.
  • The recliner has a 330 pounds capacity and breathable material.
  • You can use two buttons for the 90-150 degrees reclination option.
  • It has a lumbar massage mode which works perfectly for seamless blood circulation.

Dreamsir PU Leather Recliner – Best Leather Recliner

Dreamsir PU Leather Recliner

Dreamsir leather recliner represents the high-quality and excellence a brand provides. The chair is multi-function and provides unparalleled comfort. It can hold 330 pounds which is ideal for kids and adults. The material is lint-free and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice. The chair is stuffed with a high-density sponge which adds more to its comfort.

Why Choose the Dreamsir PU Leather Recliner?

The Dreamsir leather recliner does not only look luxurious, but it also feels comfortable. The metal frame construction makes it further durable, and the high-density sponge lining is top-notch. It also has a retractable footrest that optimizes comfort and also saves space. The recliner only takes 10 minutes to assemble and provides 110-1160 degrees reclination. It has a high-density sponge which works well to provide optimal comfort.

Key Features of Dreamsir PU Leather Recliner

  • It offers 110-160 degrees reclination which is great for maintaining a relaxed posture.
  • It takes only ten minutes to assemble the chair, and it holds 330 pounds.
  • The recliner is made with PU material which is anti-felting and dust-proof.
  • It is a multifunctional chair that is perfect for watching TV, reading, and meditation.

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SAMERY Fabric Recliner vs. Dreamsir Leather Recliner

You must be wondering if the SAMERY fabric recliner is better than the Dreamsir leather recliner or vice versa. We are sorting out your confusion in this section by diving into details:

Comparison Chart of SAMERY Recliner and Dreamsir Recliner

Specifications  SAMERY ReclinerDreamsir Recliner
Material  Alloy steel, breathable fabricPU leather, metal
Furniture finish  Steel Leather 
Maximum weight350 pounds 330 pounds 
Item dimension29 x 32 x 41 inches35 x 35 x 40 inches
Reclination  90-150 degrees110-160 degrees

Reclination Mode

One thing that sets apart the SAMERY recliner from the Dreamsir recliner is its reclination. It has 90-150 degrees reclinations which is great. You can lounge around on it, binge-watch your favorite series and take short naps on the recliner.

On the other hand, the Dreamsir recliner has 110-160 degrees reclination which is great if you want to lay all day. It also has a retractable footrest, lifting your feet and converting them into your mini bed. You have two-button controls on the side for faster reclination.


The most evident difference between the two recliners is the material. The Dreamsir recliner has a PU material which is anti-felting and very nice to look at. It is not only classy but is very easy to clean. You only need a wet rag to make the recliner look pristine again.

On the other hand, the SAMERY recliner has a breathable fabric material that is stain-proof, anti-felting, and wear-resistant. The material feels softer against the skin and gives the recliner a more casual look. However, you would occasionally need a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dust and debris from it.

Design and Padding

Both leather and fabric recliners are very different in terms of design. The Dreamsir leather recliner has a classic look and slightly slimmer design, which fits well in the living or a study room. It is not extra bulky or overly padded.

On the other hand, the SAMERY fabric recliner would take more floor space and look bulkier. It is overly stuffed with high-density foam to maximize comfort. Its footrest is also very padded and looks over the top. Hence, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is super comfortable.

Which is the Best: SAMERY Fabric Recliner vs. Dreamsir Leather Recliner?

To make things clearer, we decide to give our verdict to differentiate between the two. Here is our verdict:

The SAMERY fabric recliner is an amazing piece to own as it is stuffed with high-density and soft foam. The material may not be the easiest to maintain, but it is anti-felting, wear-resistant, and stain-proof. It will give your living space a cozier look and is made for rough use.

The Dreamsir leather recliner is an apt choice for classier people with modern taste. The leather looks luxurious and very easy to maintain. It has a retractable footrest and a slim design, which merges well with most rooms’ vibes.

The final verdict depends on your preference, taste, budget, and style. Both look great and offer different vibes; hence, the choice is on you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

Before you go ahead and get yourself a recliner, there are a few things you must tap into. Here are some features to consider:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

The Reclination

Some recliners may look the best, but they don’t offer as much reclination. Look for recliners with 90-160 degrees reclination as they are the most comfortable. Also, a button or a remote for reclination is the most convenient.

The Material

Paying attention to the material is necessary as you don’t want to get a recliner you can’t clean. Leather material is great to add a luxurious touch to your house and is super easy to clean. However, you can go for a fabric material if you look for something more comfortable.

Price/ Design

Keeping your budget in mind is crucial when finding recliners as they can be heavy on your pocket. We suggest sticking to fabric recliners if you don’t have enough savings. Also, choose a slimmer design for smaller spaces; you can go bulky if you have larger space.

Concluding Comparison of Leather vs. Fabric Recliner  

The Leather vs. Fabric recliner debate ends as we have covered all the points. Both types are great and offer optimal comfort; however, everything depends on your taste and budget. Use the comment box to tell us which recliner you ended up choosing.

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