How to Fix a Broken Recliner Frame? – Detailed Guide

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The recliner’s frame-breaking is one of the most typical issues that might arise with the piece of furniture. Recliners are a common sight in many different types of houses, but their daily usage can lead the frame to deteriorate with time.

Compared to replacing older chairs, fixing the frame on your own might save you money and provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Let’s get started with a detailed guide about fixing a broken recliner frame.

How to Fix a Broken Recliner Frame?

How To Fix A Broken Recliner Frame

One of the pieces of furniture that sees the greatest usage in our homes is rocking chairs, often known as recliners. Because of this, it is unavoidable that individuals will face certain difficulties during their lives. This section will discuss How to Fix a Broken Recliner Frame with different solutions.

Possible Cases Why Your Recliner’s Frame Isn’t Working Properly

Possible Cases Why Your Recliner's Frame Isn't Working Properly

1. Your Recliner Might Have a Hole in the Seat

When you’re sitting on your recliner and see a gaping hole that wasn’t there yesterday, the problem is probably broken chair springs or webbing. For proof, you should invert the chair and look into the springs to determine why there is a gap in the seat.

A broken spring can protrude through the seat or hang limply if the chair has a fabric dust cover. To fix the damaged springs, a technician would need to either remove them and replace them or reconnect them.

2. Your Recliner Isn’t Moving Properly

Recliners that employ a lever for motion rather than electricity might become cumbersome after frequent, rapid manipulation of the lever. The recliner’s tilting system scissors can be bent or damaged, or there could be a problem with the chair’s structure if the footrest leans while the chair is open or if opening and closing the footrest is difficult. The recliner’s footrest tilts and a technician must figure out why.

3. Other Possible Problems

Padding is frequently to blame when you sit on a chair and experience sinking sensations, back pain, or an uncomfortable recline. After some time, the cushioning will compress, making the chair less comfortable.

You can experience discomfort or even back pain due to a void forming in the bottom back of the chair when your seat cushion flattens out over time. Compressed padding in the lumbar region is another potential cause of back discomfort.

If you’re having trouble sitting in your recliner because of the padding, a service technician should look at it to discover the cause and the best action.

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Method to Fix a Broken Recliner Frame

Having a recliner that squeaks, breaks or sticks can turn an otherwise relaxing experience into an annoyance. Before throwing the chair away, returning it to the furniture shop, or contacting a professional, you can try a few simple fixes.

Method to Fix a Broken Recliner Frame

Step 1: Find Out What Caused the Breakage

Find out what’s causing the recliner not to work. Do you hear a squeaking sound? Have you noticed any aches or inertia? Determine the source of the squeaking.WD-40 can lubricate the recliner’s moving parts, reducing noise and making the chair easier to use.

Step 2: Tighten the Loosened Screws

Use a screwdriver or wrench to secure the footrest’s screws, nuts, bolts, and operating handle. If they become loose or unsteady, they might cause serious issues.

When you recline in such a chair, you’ll hear a popping noise, and sometimes the seat might feel like it’s broken. Go out and repair any broken fasteners (screws, nuts, or bolts) with new ones.

Step 3: Inspect the Recliner’s Moving Positions

Please verify that the chair can be moved easily between its preset settings (fully reclined, fully upright, legs forward and back upright, etc.).

There might be a problem with the chair’s tension system when they don’t. These parts can be purchased at any home improvement center.

Step 4: Fix the Metal Hinges

Look at where the chair sits on the floor. It would be easier to fix if it were made of wood than metal. Check to see if any of the metal’s hinges are damaged or if any of the bars are grinding against one other.

The base might shatter when a chair is overloaded with weight or is used harshly. Hardwood glue, replacement pieces, wood adhesive, and a clamp can fix a damaged wooden foundation.

Select a solid hardwood basis if you must replace the complete base because it’ll be less of a hassle to keep and repair in the future.

Step 5: Check the Footrest’s Moving Mechanism

If the footrest of your chair won’t budge, examine the mechanism that controls its removal. Check that it is properly fastened on. If that isn’t the case, you might try pulling out the footrest by hand and checking beneath it for any stray or lost parts. It’s possible that the footrest’s flexing arms need to be greased or tightened.

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Tip: Always Inspect Whether Your Recliner’s Sliding or Breaking Apart to Get Started on the Fix!

While using lightweight chairs or individual seats on a sectional couch, the pieces can easily slide or pull away from one another. Due to the lightweight construction, the pieces can easily be pushed across the floor by sitting down too quickly or applying too much weight to one.

Recessed brackets attached to the legs of the sofa are the easy solution. Instead of reassembling the sofa the traditional way, you invert it and lay the sections next to one another.

Fasten the flat brackets to the underside of the sofa by screwing them into the wood support structure and linking them to both sections of the furniture. Similar locking systems for sectional sofas are commercially available. The sofa won’t come apart thanks to the hooks or gears holding the parts.

Final Remarks

This article aimed to help anyone interested in the following.

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We hope you have understood what will make your recliner work again. Now, fix that thing right away and rest!

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