Christopher Knight Modern Recliner Review

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Do you think comfortable furniture is boring and not so good to look at? We all want stylish furniture for our homes, but it is sometimes not functional. We are always tempted to get large L-shaped sectionals and plush couches, but we all know they are not quite practical. When we think of comfortable seating, we instantly think of recliners. 

Recliners are super comfy and release your exhaustion in an instant. Not most of us reach out for them as they clash with our interior. However, you can find great recliners in the market that are stylish yet comfortable.

The easy-to-assemble pieces are a great touch to your living room or your kid’s nursery. Manufacturers are putting more focus on making the products stylish yet maximizing comfort. Mid-century modern recliners are a wonderful option if you have a distinctive interior style. They add depth and character to your space and provide supreme comfort. We suggest a mid-century modern recliner that will instantly brighten your space. Let’s have a look!

Christopher Knight Modern Recliner – Comprehensive Review

Christopher Knight Modern Recliner

Brand Overview

Recliners are expected to make 33 billion in revenue by the year 2024. One of the greatest pioneers of upholstered recliners is Christopher Knight Homes. The brand is quite distinctive as furniture industry pioneers came together to make this brand. The mix of designers and furniture specialists started the brand in 2012 and continue to rule the market. The high customer base of Christopher Knight Homes is a prime example of how well-trusted the brand is. One of the specialties of Christopher Knight Homes is its stylish designs and well-thought exterior.

Despite having such a stylish outlook, supreme comfort is always there. The brand is famous for its mid-century modern designs and clean cuts in furniture. Whether you have an industrial taste or boho minimalist, the chair will go with every type of aesthetic regardless. Christopher Knight Homes is the go-to choice of many people looking to create modern yet efficient homes.

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Christopher Knight Homes Recliner – Modern Chic yet Comfortable

Christopher Knight Homes

Product Overview

The Christopher Knight Homes recliners work wonderfully in living rooms, bedrooms, and infant nurseries. The recliners provide exceptional support to the back, and the armrests are padded and soft. What people love most about Christopher Knight Homes are their modern design and tufted back. The soft fabric upholstery gives a modern chic look and brightens up any dull space.

If you are fond of modern furniture, you would appreciate the dark espresso wood legs. They can handle heavy weight easily and give a stylish finish to the recliner. The recliner has a retractable footrest which works amazingly to lounge and rest. You can put your body weight to adjust the backrest according to your liking. You can tilt the backrest up to 150 degrees to have a relaxing experience. The recliner is ideal for nursing babies, watching, tv or even working.

Key Specifications

Brand  Christopher Knight HomesStyle  Modern 
Color  Gray Room typeLiving room
Recommended useRelaxing Item weight57.32 pounds
materialBrich Product dimension34.25″D x 27.25″W x 38″H

 Features in detail Review

Push-back recliner

The great thing about the Christopher Knight Homes is the push-back recliner. You can use your body weight to recline the back according to your preference. If you are working on the recliner, you can sit upright and adjust the backrest accordingly. The backrest can tilt at different angles and recline up to 150 degrees.

Modern style

Christopher Knight Homes has your back if you don’t like boring-looking furniture. The tufted back looks extremely chic and matches most houses’ interior vibe. The mid-century recliner has clean lines and modern cuts to enhance the look of any space. People appreciate the padded cushion back as it wonderfully relaxes everyone.

Extremely Soft Foam

Most recliners feel stiff and are not comfortable at all due to the low-quality foam. The best part about Christopher Knight Homes recliners is that they look stylish and comfortable. The lavish foam within the chair feels soft and provides the utmost relaxation. On the other hand, the foam gets softer with time providing seamless comfort.

Sleek legs

Most recliners have a chunky base, not giving a sleek look to the recliner. However, Christopher Knight Homes recliners are known for their stylish yet minimal design. The recliner has beech wood legs in espresso color. It is sturdy, withstands wear and tear, and looks extremely chic.

Easy to assemble

 The Christopher Knight Homes recliners are easy to assemble and ready to use in no time. They come with a detailed manual which you can use to assemble the recliner. You don’t need any professional help to do so, as the process is quite simple.

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  • Beech wood legs
  • Tufted backrest
  • Push-back mechanism
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely soft foam


  • Legs make a squeaky sound

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disassemble the Christopher Knight Homes recliner?

It is very easy to disassemble the chair by loosening the bolts. The recliner comes in three parts which you have to join initially. You can use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts and separate the seat.

How to clean the Christopher Knight Homes recliner?

The Christopher Knight Homes recliner is made with British material, which is not very easy to clean. You can get the dust off by using a damp muslin cloth. However, you have to use a vacuum to clean the chair in-depth.

How can a tall person fit into the Christopher Knight Homes recliner?

The recliner can accommodate tall and heavy people regardless of the sleek base support. A 6-feet individual can easily sit on the seat as it can handle more than 250 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Christopher Knight Homes recliner is quite fitting if you are looking for chairs with a mid-century modern design yet comfortable. It has seamless upholstery and dense foam that feels soft against the skin. You will love how chic it looks in any space you decide to place it.

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