Christopher Knight Home Recliner Review

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A home is a sanctuary that people like to design and decorate according to their tastes. However, one constant factor in everyone’s home is comfort. What looks pleasing to the eye might not be comfortable inside a home. Most people love recliners due to the extreme comfort and relaxation it provides.

One of the main concerns people had with recliners was the chunky exterior. The manufacturers have finally listened to the public and started making pleasant-looking recliners. Even the sleekest and smartest recliners deliver the utmost comfort you seek.

We suggest the Christopher Knight Home Recliner! Apart from a spectacular upholstery, this recliner has a plush recliner back and great support. The immaculate texture and print of the recliner will add finishing touches to your living room. You can sit upright or lean back to release stress from your body. The best part about this recliner is that it requires minimal assembly and is ready to use almost immediately.

Christopher Knight Home Recliner Review

Christopher Knight Home Recliner

Brand Overview

Christopher Knight was started in 2012 by furniture industry veterans to deliver customized designs to customers. What’s unique about the brand is that many talented designers came together to establish unique products. Often recliners are chunky and not pleasant looking. However, customers often compromise on the looks to get a supremely comfortable furniture piece. Here is where Christopher Knight stands its distinct ground. Each product from the brand is extremely comfortable yet looks quite stylish.

Christopher Knight home has completely changed people’s perspectives and reinvented customers’ way of shopping for home furniture. It is an outdoor and indoor online furniture store where you can get everything you want. It provides a one-stop shopping experience where you can buy purposeful furniture without compromising looks. The brand’s furniture is found on Amazon, Target, and leading home stores. Let’s comprehensively look at their recliners and why they are distinctive!

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Christopher Knight Home PU Recliner-Get supreme comfort without compromising on looks:

Christopher Knight Home PU Recliner

Product Overview

Christopher Knight Home PU recliner is one of the comfiest yet most stylish-looking furniture pieces. It is contemporary and resonates with many people, who are more than happy to fetch it for their home. The simplistic design is one of its greatest features promoting comfort to the maximum. If you are looking for a recliner that provides functionality and comfort, the Christopher Knight Home recliner is the one you should reach for.

The recliner has PU leather upholstery, making it breathable and easy to clean. You don’t have to call a professional service to clean the recliner; a lint-free cloth will do. On the other hand, the chair is quite hassle-free to assemble and requires no tools. You can use your body weight to tilt the chair forward or backward. The Christopher Knight Home PU recliner should be your ultimate choice if you want to add a stylish piece to your living room without compromising comfort.

Key specifications

Brand  Christopher Knight HomeSeat material typePlastic 
Color  White Frame material  Iron 
Style  Modern Tilt  Yes 
Product dimension  26.25″D x 37.25″W x 40″HItem weight  250 pounds 
Material  Polyurethane Recommended useRelaxing 

 Christopher Knight Home Recliner Features in Detail Review

 Simplistic Design

What makes Christopher Knight Home recliner stand out is its simplistic design. The PU leather material and the intricate design make the recliner stand out in the crowd. One of the best parts about the recliner is its minimalist design and plush padded seat. The contemporary design looks and feels great in terms of comfort.

Long-lasting material

The Christopher Knight Home recliners are not only stylish but also have a long-lasting material. It has an iron frame and plastic seat material. It can endure 250 pounds weight which is moderate and good for family use. The PU material is a great choice for a recliner as it is breathable and easy to clean. You can use a wet cloth to get the dust off the recliner.

Great reclination function

The Christopher Knight Home recliner is perfect for lounging around and having a relaxing evening. You can use your body weight to tilt back and read the book you like. You can also sit upright when working on something important. It is great to switch positions according to your mood and comfort.

Easy to assemble

Christopher Knight Home has got you sorted if you are lazy and don’t like to assemble things. The recliner needs assembly, but the process is quite simple and does not require professional assistance. You can read the detailed manual and do it yourself within an hour.


The best part about Christopher Knight Home recliners is that they are generously upholstered. Its recliner looks very refined and stylish in any corner of your home. The plush seating for relaxation adds a great touch to any home. The smooth texture and intricate design add greatly to your house’s interior.

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  • 250 pounds capacity
  • PU material
  • Iron frame
  • Recliner back
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Stiff seat

Buying Guide for Christopher Knight Home Recliner

A small recliner chair can transform your relaxation experience, whether you’re taking a quick nap or settling in for a Netflix binge. When considering the purchase of a Christopher Knight Home Recliner, it’s essential to balance comfort, size, materials, and functionality. Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to ensure you make the right choice for your space and preferences:

1. Size and Fit:

  • Measure Your Space: Before purchasing, measure your living room or den to ensure the recliner fits appropriately.
  • Consider Dimensions: Pay attention to the recliner’s dimensions, especially when fully reclined. Ensure it fits comfortably in your chosen space without overcrowding.

2. Comfort and Ergonomics:

  • Body Fit: Select a recliner that suits your body type. Standard sizes range from 40 to 50 inches wide, with smaller and oversized options available.
  • Back and Footrest: Check the height of the back and the length of the footrest. Ensure your heels don’t hang off the edge, and the recliner supports your head in a natural position.

3. Material Choices:

  • Leather vs. Upholstery: Choose between leather and upholstery based on your preferences.
    • Leather: Durable and resistant to spills, making it a long-lasting option.
    • Upholstery: Offers various design options, and performance fabrics can handle spills well.

4. Reclining Mechanism:

  • Lever-Operated vs. Push-Back vs. Power Recliners:
    • Lever-Operated: Common and user-friendly, but ensure the lever is easily accessible.
    • Push-Back: Ideal for those who can shift their weight easily.
    • Power Recliner: Convenient with a push-button operation, suitable for those with mobility concerns.

5. Style and Aesthetics:

  • Design: Consider the overall design of the recliner to ensure it complements your space.
    • Traditional Design: Suitable for warm, earth-toned interiors.
    • Modern Design: Complements bright or white-colored living rooms.

6. Colors and Patterns:

  • Background and Focal Point: Choose colors that complement your background, and consider whether you want the chair to blend in or stand out.
    • Simple Patterns: Can draw attention to the recliner if you want it to be a focal point.

7. Testing and Final Considerations:

  • Comfort Test: While testing for comfort, also evaluate the chair’s visual appeal and how well it integrates into your space.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Upholstery on the Christopher Knight Home recliner crack?

The Upholstery on the Christopher Knight Home recliner will crack if you use it roughly or put more than the recommended weight. The chair’s Upholstery will remain intact for a year, and it might start to fall apart.

What size should the door frame be to fit a Christopher Knight Home recliner?

A regular door frame can easily fit the recliner as it has an intricate and slim design. A 24-inch door frame is ideal to pass the recliner through. Otherwise, you can disassemble the recliner and then reassemble it on the spot where you would like to place it.

Is there any assembly required for the Christopher Knight Home recliner?

Yes, assembly is required for the recliner, and you also need tools to do that. However, the recliner comes with a detailed manual which you can use to assemble the recliner in under an hour.


Christopher Knight Home is undoubtedly great if you want a stylish yet functional recliner. It merges perfectly with most people’s house interiors and makes a great seating space. You can use this recliner as a chair to work or relax.

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